How to Romance a Man or a Woman

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes or no; there is no correct answer. Do you believe in romance? Think about it a little more! In this case there is a correct answer and of course, it is the positive one. Was your choice the negative one? Then you should probably reconsider especially if you aim to have a long-lasting romantic relationship with your partner, rather than a brief and platonic one. But what is the secret ingredient that really makes a relationship romantic? Is there a recipe on how to romance a man or a woman? No doubt, Romeo and Juliet would be a great source of information if they lived in our time. Unfortunately, they are not living in our time and it can be sometimes complicated for most of the people to create romance in a relationship. How Do You Romance a man or a Woman? How do you make him or her to continue to long for you even when you’re not there? How do you stamp your name across the heart of that young lady or man whom you’ve fallen in love with? Let’s take a look at the article below to find out more.

romance - how to romance a man or woman

Is a dinner under candlelight the answer?

It is quite common to read about romantic dinners with candles, sensual music, rose leaves and fancy lingerie or Sunday noon pick-nicks with homemade goodies and fresh lemonade. Those two images are the first that comes to people’s mind but let’s differentiate a bit and leave those clichés behind along with images created by marketing departments of several firms. Let’s focus on the individuals and their more or less, complicated feelings; the images aside. So how can you effectively romance your man or your woman?

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The only way through is through!

One of the best quote ever said, applied in many main relevant concepts is that “The only way through is through”. In order to successfully romance a man or a woman, one needs to go deep in her/his heart and mind and care for her/his needs and desires. There is no other way, there aren’t any shortcuts. Any attempt made just to scratch the surface will result in a short-term, mostly sexual relationship that will never last. It is neither as difficult as it seems or as easy as articulated. But through a more comprehensive look, the suggested practice is nothing more than a proof of ultimate humanity which whenever applied can only cause good feelings and a positive outcome for the two parties involved.

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Ignore your ego

The difficulty in going deep to explore your partner’s desires is located deep down in your own ego. Once you let that feeling go away, you’ll realise that the rest becomes much easier, the self-centred attitude must be substituted with original love feelings. It’s also very important to let this feeling flow naturally as faking this feelings will only harm your relationship and is definitely not the answer to romance between a man and a woman. Observing your other half will help, without a doubt and will also increase the possibility of understanding her or him before she or he musters the courage to verbally expresses her or his thoughts to you.

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The easy solution

However, for those who do not want to engage themselves with the previous procedure, there is also the easy solution. And that is a list of noble, caring and loving gestures named in a blog article. Well, unfortunately there is no such list here. Subtracting originality, creativity and feelings from the equation will cause the exact opposite result of the one wanted. And that is true not only when trying to romance a woman but also a man. The need to emphasize it, originates from a false discrimination of the two sexes and the way they react on the matter at hand.

How to romance a man or a woman

The best way to someone’s mind is through the heart, more or less, it can be said that it is the only way to romance a man or a woman. In this process, it is also important to realise that one needs to touch, smell, hear, feel, live, walk with, care, interact, understand the behaviour, learn the habits, and develop the thoughts of the person you are interested in. After all these, the answer will be clear with a detailed plan to execute it. There is no right or wrong way. There is only the way you feel. That way is the one you should trust, believe and without a doubt rely on. Best!

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