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Ron White is also known as Tater salad, one of the ace established and funny stand -up comedians in America. His signature performance is usually accompanied by drinking of scotch or tequila and smoking of cigars. He is also an entrepreneur who co-owns a Tequila producing company called Number Juan Tequila in 2013 with his buddy Alex Reymundo who is also a brother of Margo Rey, ex-wife of Ron White. Read on to learn more details about this hilarious humor merchant’s family, wife, and divorce as well as who his son is.

Ron White’s Biography

Ron White’s full name was Ronald Dee White and he was born on the 18th day of December 1956 in Fritch, Texas, the United States to America parents. He was a talented young chap who wanted to pursue his dreams as a humor merchant before he was enrolled in the United States Navy. In the Navy, he served for eighteen months under the rescue and salvage ship. After he left the military, he resided briefly in Mexico where he purchased a Pottery manufacturing factory.

Burdened by the need to heed his first call, he moved back to his country of birth in 2000 where he started mining his new career in country satiric comedy. Ron White joined forces with the likes of Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy in 2003, performing comedy in around the nation in over ninety cities. They became known and addressed as Blue Collar Tour, their road shows and tours were consistently sold out, earning them a massive income of about $15 million.

Tater Salad as he has been nicknamed also struck out on his own and has made quite a handful of DVDs, CDs, as well as guest appearances in radio stations and television shows. Some of them are the Blue Collar TV, Kath and Kim, Bob and Tom, Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, Joe Rogan. He has collaborated with other big names in the comedy industry such as Kathleen Madigan among others. So far so good, since the early 1990s he kicked off his comic career, Ron White has dropped not less than seven albums. Some of them include Tater Salad aka Busted in Des Moines, Drunk in Public, Behavioral Problems, A Little Unprofessional and If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up which streams on the Netflix cable.

As an actor Ronald White has also got some acting credit. Some of them include Guilty as Sin (1993), Cakes (2005), Deadliest Sea (2009), the HBO created 12 Miles of Bad Road (2003 to 2009) where he played Spain Dollarhype, Sex and the City 2 (2010), Horrible Bosses, (2011) the list goes on.

He has been honoured with various award nominations for his great works in the industry as well as his charitable causes. One of such awards came from the soldiers he has supported over the years. Ron White was awarded as the Armed Forces Patriot in 2009 and in the same vein, Texas legislators also designated the 27th day of April 2009 as Ron White Day. Moreover, he was even nominated thrice for a Grammy award.

The talented comic who is 6 feet 2 inches(1.88m) tall has also authored a book which became New York Times bestseller. The book is entitled; I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn’t Have the Ability. He partnered with the five times Grammy award nominee Michael Blakey to form a Record label company they named Organica Music Group in 2009.

His income has gradually grown over the years that his current net worth has been pegged at about $40 million.

Details of his family Life – What to know about his wife, son, and divorce

Ron White
Ron White and Margo Rey: image source

The name of his parents are Barbara Joan Craig and Charles Don white. His only known sibling is Shea White (sister). Ronald Dee White’s father died when he was very young which left him to be raised by his mother. Shea White, on the other hand, has authored a compilation comic short stories book which she entitled The History of My Vagina and Sordid Tales which was published in Amazon in 2009.

The American Comedian has been married thrice. He was not so lucky in marriage as all his three marriages broke up after some times. His first marriage was to Lori Brice whom he married in 1981 but they parted ways after twelve years in 1993. They both shared a son named Marshall. He tried again, by walking down the aisle in 2004 with his second wife Barbara Dobbs but their marriage packed up just after four years of being man and wife.

His last marriage was to the Mexican born singer named Margarita Reymundo-Jurado aka Margo Reymundo who was born on October 18, 1966. She was a trained classical music specialist who also plays Jazz, roll and rock, R and B and classical music genres.  They had a marriage ceremony in October 2013 but in June 2017, Margo filed for divorce in Los Angeles, from Ron after being together for four years, in her filings she stated that she would also want spousal support worth $18,000 monthly from White which she would use in clearing her medical bills. She had breast cancer which has now gone into remission from series of chemo-therapies.

In response to the lawsuit, Ron White said she could not divorce him because they were never married although, Ms. Margo stated they had a common law marriage in accordance to the Texas laws as they lived together for years in their Beverly Hills house. White arguments are based on the fact that their marriage is assumed because she did not sign the prepared pre-nuptial documents which validate their union nor did they get a marriage license that legally binds them together as man and wife.


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