Who Is Rory John Gates and How Old is Bill Gate’s Son? Here’s What We Know

Fame is not so easily attained especially without having a career or doing some random new invention. But for the likes of Rory John Gates, he didn’t need to do any of these to gain fame, he just had to be born to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates. His life is one a lot of people would die for but he sure does not feel the same way. Besides his father’s achievements, Rory has done quite well for himself. The young lad has achieved some things anyone would be proud of but as it has been discussed in many circles, the possibility of matching up to his father’s achievements so far is highly unlikely. The article below would enlighten you on his person, so read on!

Who is Rory John Gates and How Old is He? 

Rory John Gates was born as the only son and the apparent heir to the elite family of Bill Gates. He is one of the three children of Bill alongside his sisters Jennifer Katherine Gates; the eldest, and Phoebe Adele Gates; the youngest.

Bill and Melinda Gates welcomed Rory their second child and only son on March 23, 1999. He is of white ethnicity and has English, Irish, German and Scot Irish roots. One fascinating thing about the Gates family is their ability to maintain a very low profile despite their wealthy status.

Rory John Gates
Jennifer Katherine, Rory John, and Phoebe Adele Gates

His father; Bill Gates is a business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, the founder of Microsft cooperation above all a wealthy goon! His mom is also a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His grandfather; William H. Gates Sr. was a well-known attorney while his grandmother Mary Maxwell Gates served as a board member for First Interstate Bancsystem and The UnitedWay.

Rory John Gates began his educational pursuit at one of the best private schools in Seattle named Lakeside school and further enrolled at Duke University where he obtained a degree in computer science and economics. Upon graduation, he enrolled into Fuqua School of Business to obtained a masters degree in business administration.

By the age of ten, Rory took a turn away from his father’s career path and underwent classes on poetry. His first poem Physics of Light was published by his father on April 2010. His childhood was all about books as he was not allowed to use a mobile device until he was 13, he also earned pocket money by doing his own share of house chores weekly. Apparently, his parents were core disciplinarians and did not want their children turning into spoilt brats.

The young millionaire is very shy and has only appeared on social media with mostly pictures of his family. Rory stands at 5 feet 5 inches and carries a blond bob hairstyle. He currently weighs 52kg.

What is His Net Worth

Rory John Gates may have only attained wealth so far through his inheritance, but he is certainly a millionaire. Records have it that young Rory Gates is worth 20 million USD. Though this has not been authenticated by authority sites, it is a fact that his father Bill Gates has a net worth of 98.3 billion USD and has emphatically stated that he would use his acquired wealth for charity after giving 10 million USD to each of his children.

Other Interesting Facts About Bill Gate’s Son

Rory has a close relationship with his father and he also learned his first lessons in poetry from his father.

The young Gates was a model child. His mother Melinda proudly addresses him as a feminist. She groomed him to be a very loving, compassionate and caring young lad.

His older sister Jennifer Katherine Gates is just three years older than him and he shares an amazing bond with her.

Rory lives in his father’s home; a property of 66,000 sq ft which has a 60 feet swimming pool and underwater music system. The house is said to be worth over $20 million and runs on advanced technology.

He wasn’t allowed to use a phone till he was 13, his parents thought it wise to let him concentrate on his studies instead of the internet.

Despite being of age, he is still assumed single as he has not revealed any records about his relationship status.


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