Juicy Details Of Rose Leslie & Kit Harington’s Love Story And The Gist On Her Career Defining Roles

Game of Thrones may have come and gone but it is a show that would live forever in the hearts of so many people, including one of its cast members, Rose Leslie. Prior to landing a short-lived part on the hit fantasy show, Leslie was toiling to gain breakthrough as an actress in her native country of England. The GOT role, however, gave her career a much-needed boost and since then, her star has continued to shine.

Another and even more important reason why Game of Thrones will forever have a special place in Leslie’s heart is that this was where she met the love of her life, Kit Harrington – aka Jon Snow. Originally her love interest on the show, their love story has transcended the screens into real life and GOT fans are all for it. They are also hoping that the couple will be able to withstand the long haul and last forever.

The Early Days Of Their Romance And Brief Breakup

Rose Leslie first met her husband, Kit Harrington, on the set of Game of Thrones in 2012. He had been on the show since the first season in 2011 while she only joined the series in season 2. Interestingly, she portrayed a wildling named Ygritte while he was a member of the Night’s Watch tasked with destroying the wildlings, as well as other unsavoury elements known as The White Walkers. It was therefore quite explosive when their characters met and ended up falling in love with each other.

As the whole love story was unfolding on the screens, Kit also became attracted to Leslie in real life and eventually asked her out. They started dating and continued their relationship even after Leslie’s character was killed onscreen. This romance lasted for about a year before the couple broke up and went their separate ways in August 2013.

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Following the breakup, Leslie and kit spent several months apart but soon sparked romance rumours after they were spotted together on several occasions in August 2014. These rumours eventually turned out to be true and the couple confirmed that they were back together. They, however, kept their public appearances to the barest minimum.

Engagement And Fairy-tale Wedding

Despite the attempts that Leslie and Kit made to keep things on a low, the news that they were back together eventually leaked. This inspired a frenzy amongst GOT fans all over the globe. Their fellow celebrities also got in on the action as stars like Nicole Kidman and James Corden asked Kit when he was going to put a ring on Rose’s finger. The actor revealed that it would be in good time and that time eventually came around September 2017.

The couple announced the engagement in a traditional manner via a newspaper notice in the Times of London, complete with the names of their hometowns, as well as their parents. Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington tied the knot on the 23rd day of June 2018. The lovely ceremony was held at Rayne Parish church in the bride’s hometown of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A reception was later held at a castle belonging to Leslie’s family, known as Wardhill Castle.

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The reception featured about 200 guests, including Game of Thrones stars such as Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, as well as Sophie Turner. Leslie and her husband have remained together to date, keeping their romance quite private. Her husband has meanwhile revealed that the reason for this is, they don’t want their relationship to feel like two puppets carrying on a show.

Highlights Of Rose Leslie’s Acting Career

Rose Leslie’s career started just as soon as she was done with her education at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She worked for BBC Radio, lending her voice as a narrator for the station. In 2009, she got a nice break when she was cast in the role of Rhian in the BBC television film New Town. Her act won her the Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting Performance – New Talent Award.

Her next breakthrough was when she played Gwen Dawson, a housemaid, in the critically acclaimed ITV series Downtown Abbey. Her stint on the show was from 2010 to 2011 and was met with a lot of praise from fans and critics.

Impact Of GOT On Her Brand

In 2012, Rose Leslie rose to greater heights of television prominence when she was cast in the second, third, and fourth seasons of the globally revered HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. In the series—an adaptation of the novel A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin, Rose Leslie played the part of the wildling, Ygritte. Her performance was met with wide applause as she made the character even more interesting than it was on the pages of its sourcebook.

Rose Leslie’s time on GOT made her a sought-after actress and since then, she has appeared in several movies and TV series, including Now is Good (2012), Honeymoon (2014), and The Last Witch Hunter (2015), The Great Fire (2014), and Luther (2015). Her most notable role, post-GOT, however, remains the CBS web series, The Good Fight. In the legal drama, Leslie portrayed the lead role of Maia Rindell, a young attorney who rebuilds her reputation after a scandalous financial scam. The Good Fight ran for about three years, 2017–2019, during which Leslie was one of the top-billed stars of the hit show.

Rose Leslie
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Who Is Richer – Leslie Or Harrington?

With her extensive filmography, you would imagine that Rose Leslie would have a comfortable net worth, and you would be right. The actress has an estimated net worth of $4 million and accumulated these from her professional fees as an actress on Game of Thrones, as well as other projects she has taken, including The Good Fight.

Her husband, on the other hand, is richer with a net worth of $14 million. Even though they have featured in roughly the same number of projects, about 15 each, Harrington has made more money due to the fact that his roles and projects have been more notable. For instance, on GOT, he portrayed the starring role of Jon Snow and earned about $300,000 per episode. His pay, however, reached a record-breaking £2 million per episode by the penultimate season of the show.

Harrington has also featured in projects which have been more popular than his wife’s. For instance, the English actor voiced the role of Eret in the 2014 animated film, How To Train Your Dragon 2. The film was an overwhelming success, grossing more than half a billion at the cinemas. It also received a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature, as well as an Oscar nomination in the same category.

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