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Ross Butler is an American actor who has appeared in such shows as Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. He is succeeding in Hollywood despite being adamant about not being cast in roles that are stereotypically reserved for minors. This is why he is often cast as a jock or popular guy rather than stereotypical Asian American parts like nerds, geeks or funny guys.

Ross Butler’s Bio (Age, Ethnicity)

Ross Butler was born on the 17th of May 1990 in Singapore. He has roots in Indonesia from his mother but is essentially American as his father is an American citizen. His family moved to Virginia where he was then raised. Ross Butler had a brief college education at Ohio State University where he enrolled to study Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering. He stayed only a year before dropping out because he had no interest in the course. After dropping out he was forced to start modeling and DJ-ing to financially support himself after he left college. A year later, he moved to Los Angeles when he was only 20 years old probably to try and find more opportunities.

It was after moving to Los Angeles in 2010 that he fell in love with acting when a friend got him into his first acting class as a birthday gift. He moved into the industry with a determination to correct what he saw as the misrepresentation of Asian Americans in films. He thought also that the representation was far from adequate and he made it a goal to work to change the stereotypes that existed and fight for inclusion.

This decision is evident in the acting roles that he took on going forward from 2012. He has acted in Teen Wolf, Disney’s K.C. Undercover, Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. His most prominent roles are in Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. On Riverdale, he took the part of Reggie, who competes with Archie for the position of football captain and eventually becomes the captain when Archie decides to pursue music. In 13 Reasons Why, he plays the part of Zach Dempsey who is one of the key characters that had a part to play in the suicide of Hannah Baker through the cruelty that he displays towards her.

These roles follow with his assertion in interviews that he passes on roles where he is expected to play the part of a nerd or a Bruce Lee type character. Ross Butler is also very much into music and has shared his skills on the guitar and the piano online, as well as his singing ability.


He was born to an Indonesian mother and an American/British father. Their names and identities may not be popular knowledge but they have raised a confident son that is winning at his career and making them proud.

Who is His Girlfriend?

Ross Butler waited a long time before getting into any relationships. He has given his reason for this to be that he wanted to really know himself before bringing anyone in to share his life. Even now, it is still assumed that he is single with him not publicizing anything regarding his relationships or family.

Ross Butler
Katherine Langford and Ross Butler – image source

There are, however, some pointers to the possibility of him dating Katherine Langford, the Aussie actress who stars alongside him on 13 Reasons Why. The rumor of their possible relationship is no doubt exciting to fans who have been caught up in the drama on screen. The two have been spending quite some time together off screen despite the fact that the filming for the show ended a while back.

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Reports have it that their on-screen romance, which unfolded in season 2 of the series helped fuel the real-life romance and it helps that Ross Butler has suggested in the media that he has a new flame and that he is more than ready to settle down with anyone he feels is right. Katherine Langford shares some of his interests and hobbies like playing the guitar.

What is Ross Butler’s Height?

Ross Butler has revealed in some interviews that he is 6 foot 3 inches tall. His height helps him fit perfectly into the sporty roles that he has often been cast in, which include everything from basketball to lacrosse. He is also an avid gym goer and so stays in great shape.

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