Roulette: History and Everything Else You Should Know

There is every possibility that you have come across a Roulette wheel especially if you spend time in casinos but have you ever stopped to look back and wonder where the technology came from? The Roulette machine has a history that will surprise you as well as intrigue you. Today, the roulette is played in all the seven continents of the world including an online version and here is the journey of transformation of the Roulette to the current state:


The roulette is not an American invention as most people are led to think and looking at the idea behind it, there is no secret that the person who started it must have been a mathematical genius. The brain behind the first form of roulette dated back to 1655 when the renowned French physicist Blaise Pascal tried to invent a perpetual motion machine. While his intentions were not to invent a casino game, his invention became an indispensable part of casinos.

Roulette Wheel

The invention of the zero

The number zero did not exist on the machine until the 1800s. The wheel remained as it was invented by Pascal for almost 3 centuries. In the 1800s, King Charles III of Monaco wanted a unique design of the roulette. French scientists Francois and Lois Blanca provided that in 1842 by creating the first single zero wheel. This meant a great deal for gamblers since the zero gave the house a huge house edge.

During this time, his kingdom was experiencing huge financial depression. The king brought his new creation to the masses. The machine became the economic pillar of Monaco hence gaining massive popularity. At some point, it became a symbol for Monte Carlo’s culture of heavy gambling when the neighbouring France had outlawed gambling. This made Monte Carlo look like a heaven to gamblers

The Double Zero Roulette

As earlier stated, the roulette is not an American invention. But the desire to have an American touch to the wheel gave birth to the double zero. In the 1800s, the wheel made its way to the American shores and the Americans added a double zero to give an even bigger edge to the house. This means that the American roulette has 38 numbers instead of 37.

Predicting the Results

After being around for several centuries now, there sure must be someone who has cracked the formula to predict the results. An Australian statistician at the University of Western Australia Perth, Michael Small, in conjunction with Chi Kong Tse of Hong Kong came up with a way to predict the results. The duo who studied the wheel for a considerable amount of time made some fascinating discoveries.

For Instance, if you know the precise location of the ball, the speed of the ball and the wheel when the croupier releases the ball, you can figure out what to bet and increase your chances of winning. However, this discovery can only function in a hypothetical world. The two scientists used cameras to record movements and studied the results considerably in a controlled environment.

The fact is that it is impossible to predict results in a real game setting. The reason being, you cannot predict the current location of the ball exactly neither can you tell the speed of the wheel by just looking at it. That would be possible if gamblers were allowed to have electronic gadgets on the wheel. However, the rules are clear, if you are found with electronic gadgets you will be kicked out.

Online Roulette

Before the introduction of online versions, you had to go to Europe to play single zero roulette or travel to America to play the double zero wheels. However, with the introduction of the online roulette, you can play both the American and the European versions anywhere in the world but don’t be surprised in the near future when you spot other variations of roulette on the internet.

In conclusion, the roulette as it is today has traveled a journey of a thousand miles. All the way from 1655, the wheel has played a better role in gambling than its intended purpose by the founder. While the past is now gone we can all be sure of one thing, the roulette will be here for centuries to come.

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