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Rowan Blanchard is an American teenage actress who is popular for playing Riley Matthews in the hit Disney Channel series Girl Meets world. She is, however, much more than just another pretty face in Hollywood. Rowan Blanchard is a passionate humanitarian and activist who has used the platform provided by her fame to speak out about the issues close to her heart. Find out more about this Hollywood starlet here.

Rowan Blanchard Biography (Age and Ethnicity)

Rowan Blanchard was born on the 14th of October, 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Her father’s name is Mark Blanchard-Boulbol while her mother’s name is Elizabeth; both of her parents are yoga instructors. Rowan has a younger brother named Shane Blanchard and a younger sister, Carmen Blanchard.

With regard to ethnicity, this actress is basically white but she has a rich ancestral heritage. Thanks to her grandparents, she can trace her ancestry to a handful of countries including Syria, Armenia, Lebanon, Morocco, England, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, and Sweden.

Rowan Blanchard started acting in 2006 when she was just five years old. Some of the movies and TV shows she has featured in till date include Spy Kids: All the time in the World, The Back-up Plan, A Wrinkle in Time, Invisible Sister, The Goldbergs etc. Her biggest project to date, and which shot her to fame, is the Disney TV show Girl Meets World. The show premiered in 2014 and lasted for three seasons, till 2016. The coming-of-age drama earned Rowan several award nominations including Female TV Star of the year at the Kids Choice Awards.

Rowan Blanchard
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Rowan has evolved from a Disney star into an activist. Unlike other young celebrities who use their social media pages for just sharing pictures of their fabulous lives, she uses hers to raise awareness on issues close to her heart. Rowan regularly tweets and retweets issues affecting immigrants, people of color, and the LGBT community. She is also an outspoken feminist. Rowan doesn’t shy away from taking a stand on some of the most divisive issues plaguing her society today. She is willing to speak up on issues that even adults shy away from. Her activism has helped to propel her into the spotlight even more than her movies.

Rowan Blanchard is also an author. She released her book Still Here in February 2018. The non-fiction work, which takes the shape of a teenager’s scrapbook/diary, features personal essays, poems, and pictures from not only Rowan but other personalities. The book offers an inside look into what it means to be growing up as a teenager in today’s world.

Her Sister and Family Life

Rowan has a younger sister named Carmen. Carmen is a budding actress just like her elder sister. She has featured in some TV series such as Encounters (2009) and American Horror Story (2011). Carmen is set to appear alongside her elder sister and younger brother, Shane in the 2019 adventurous movie A World Away. Their dad, Mark Blanchard co-wrote and directed the movie.

Unlike her elder sister, Carmen attends public school and helps her sister keep up with all the trends amongst teenagers. Rowan herself is homeschooled; she takes her high school classes online and has a tutor on set when she is filming.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Rowan has been romantically linked with two of her fellow Girl Meets World co-stars – Teo Halm and Peyton Meyer. She reportedly dated Teo Halm in 2013 and Peyton Meyer in 2015. However, it must be stressed that none of these relationships were ever confirmed.

At present, Rowan is not dating anyone that we know of and recently, she came out to say that she identifies as queer; that even though she likes boys now, she is open to liking another gender in the future.

Networth – How Rich Is She?

Rowan Blanchard is reportedly worth between $3.5 million and $4 million. This is not bad at all for a teenager. The bulk of her income comes from the TV shows and movies she has featured in, as well as royalties from her 2018 book, Still Here.

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Height and Other Facts About The Actress

1. Rowan is of average height, she is  5 ft 5 inches tall (165 cm). However, she is still a young girl and will naturally top this as she grows older. The actress reportedly weighs 54 kg (119 lb).

2. Rowan has been homeschooled since the sixth grade and her best friend to this day remains a girl she met in kindergarten, Regan.

3. Lady Blanchard was named after the main character in the novel The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.

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