Who Is Rudy Mancuso, What Is His Earning Power and What Do We Know About His Girlfriend?

Rudy Mancuso started his internet journey on Vine. He would later transition to YouTube where he solidified his place among the internet’s most beloved comedic creators. He is now regarded as one of the renowned internet personalities in the world, with a presence in mainstream TV and film projects like Comedy Central’s Drunk History and HBO’s Outpost.

Another contributor to his fame and success is music, and it all began when he was a child. At the age of five, he began playing the piano and quickly developed an affinity for music and composition. As Rudy has become very famous, he has left a lot of people with questions about his background.

The Youtuber Is an American With Brazilian and Italian Heritage

Rudy was born on February 28, 1992, to an Italian-American father and a Brazilian mother, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. It was also here that his parents raised him; he attended Glen Ridge High School.

As a family who appreciates their multi-ethnicity, Rudy and his family lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While there, he sharpened his fluency in Portuguese and Spanish. Years of embracing their heritage also made Rudy fluent in Italian. What seemed like a simple connection with his ethnic roots, would later contribute to his online stardom as a comedian.

His internet domination began on the now-defunct six-second video platform, Vine. When he discovered Vine, his curiosity drove him to put up content on the platform. With luck and talent, he quickly became a Vine star, this started after he uploaded a music video of the Wimoweh song from The Lion King. 

After he published the video on the platform, he became one of the platform’s most popular stars, reaching the fourth most followed personality on the platform before its shutdown. To take substantial advantage of his popularity and talent, he moved on to YouTube in 2016.

Exploring Rudy Mancuso’s Successful YouTube Career

The transition to YouTube also meant a step-up in production for the Brazilian-Italian. He partnered with Shots Studios and launched his eponymous channel, RudyMancuso. There, he continued his rib-cracking production of stereotype-mockery with characters like Spanish Batman, Isaac and Juan, and Spanish Superman.

His channel, which now has more than 7.36 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views, features several comedy sketches, exploring daily life and alternative reality. He has also parlayed his music interest into musical comedy, with series like Rudy’s Funny Musicals.

Rudy, in partnership with Shots Studios, also created the YouTube series Awkward Puppets in October 2015. In the series, he uses puppet characters to explore the stereotypes of different races. There are six of them, Diego, Sam, Benita, Twon, Sarah, and twin brothers, Carl & Carl. The first two are played by Rudy, while his friends and partners assume the other characters.

Awkward Puppets has its channel, AwkwardPuppets, with more than 1.2 million subscribers. It has recorded more than 105 million views from 60+ videos. The series also has a presence on Instagram and TikTok.

YouTube Isn’t The Only Source of His Income

His influence and popularity had helped him to feature in videos for entertainment companies like Comedy Central’s Drunk History and HBO’s Outpost. He also starred in YouTube Red’s Keys of Christmas, alongside DJ Khaled and Mariah Carey.

Aiming for more enormous achievements, Rudy Mancuso has taken his music and comedy outside of the platform in the form of concerts and tours. Mancuso has released singles like Black & White, Mama, and Lento. He has also performed his music at various venues across the world alongside stars like Justin Bieber. One of them was a performance at Brazil’s biggest music festival, Villa Mix.

Rudy has also hosted a couple of events like the Concert for Tommy’s Field and presented awards at the 2017 MTV Millennial Awards. He is also a director with eleven credits to his name, most of which are music videos of his songs and others. He began directing Tempo, a musical series, in 2019.

Outside of acting for his YouTube series, Rudy Mancuso has also starred in films like Petting Scorpions and Rim of the World. All of these contributed to the wealth he has acquired.

The Internet Personality Is Worth More Than $3 Million

By the time he left Vine in 2016, Rudy had an estimated net worth of $250,000. Today, that figure has risen to $3.5 million, thanks to his online and offline exploits. His YouTube career remains the biggest driver of his wealth, with an estimated revenue of $76.9 thousand monthly and up to $922.2 thousand yearly.

Of course, because he works with a studio, not all of it comes to his pocket, and he does pay taxes. But the deficit has been made up for with income from his paid gigs, from music to acting. Also, behind the scenes work as a writer, director, and editor have been a source of income. A lot of his behind the scenes works are for other talents in Shots Studios.

Additionally, like most YouTube stars, Rudy Mancuso sells merchandise, which is amply patronized by his 7+ million fans. Furthermore, thanks to a strong social media presence like Instagram where he has more than 9.3 million followers, he has attracted sponsorship deals from several brands.

Rudy has made money producing or starring in sponsored videos for brands like Target, Brita, and Clif bar. He has desirable properties like a San Fernando Valley Studio City farmhouse worth $2.36 million. He bought the property in June 2020. The house has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, with a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and a pool with inset spa.

Rudy Mancuso Has Been In a Relationship With Maia Since 2015

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Rudy has been in a relationship with the Australian actress, Maia Mitchell, since May 2015. Over the years, there have been rumors that the couple broke up, but neither of them has substantiated the claims.

Despite their long-lasting relationship, Rudy and Maia hardly make public appearances together. It is reportedly part of the couple’s attempt at keeping their relationship away from the public.

Maia Mitchell is a frequent collaborator with the YouTuber. The two have worked on several of the skits on his channel, and on high-value productions like Netflix’s Stories from Our Future. They also worked on the song, Magic, and she featured in skits like The Perfect Date and Funny Musical Realtor.

Maia Is an Established Actress and Singer

She was born in August 1993 in Lismore, New South Wales. Like Rudy, Maia began her relationship with music at the age of five. Professionally, she has starred in shows like Mortified, Trapped, The Fosters, Teen Beach Movie, and Teen Beach 2. Her film includes The Last Summer, Hot Summer Nights, and After the Dark.

As a singer, she has been part of two soundtrack albums for Disney films. Both charted in the top ten of the Billboard 200 and featured in notable charts of other prominent music markets.

Maia has received at least eight award nominations for Teen Choice Awards; these were for her roles in The Fosters, Good Trouble, The Last Summer, and Teen Beach 2.

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