The Unique Style That Propels Russell Peters’s Career and His Love Life Since Divorcing His Wife 

Russell Peters is one of the highest-paid comedians in the world. As a multiple-award-winning stand-up comedian whose comic genre focuses on personal observations mainly about individual cultural groups, Peters consistently thrills and impresses his audience. Following his outstanding career that has attracted a huge fan base, he has set astonishing records in the field of comedy including being the first comedian to have sold out Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

Russell Peters has also gone ahead to display his multi-talented nature in diverse fields of entertainment, having excelled as the host of many shows including the Juno Awards which earned him a Gemini Award or Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series. He has also established himself as an actor, featuring in a good number of movies and TV shows such as Quarter Life Crisis, The Con Artist, New Year’s Eve, Fifty Shades of Black, Family Guy, Are We There Yet? and many others.

Russell Peters Attained Fame Thanks To His Style Of Comedy

When it comes to comedy, there are no set rules to follow; this allows for broad categories, and for different comedy styles to thrive. For Russell Peters, his stand up performances lean towards observational comedy, leveraging humor in highlighting class, ethnic, racial, as well as cultural stereotypes.

The comedian always makes references to his personal experiences while growing up in his Anglo-Indian family, poking fun at them by impersonating the accents of diverse ethnic extractions. His hilarious antics have always succeeded in reducing his audiences into fits of laughter in no time at all

The comic actor has recorded boundless success in his career and has largely contributed to the entertainment industry, precisely comedy. As a result of this great feat, Peters was honored with the Trailblazer Award by the Association of South Asians in Media, Marketing and Entertainment.

The comedian has stated that he does not make up the cultural stereotypes he uses in his stand up routines but draws from what he observes. Russell Peters also revealed that his intention has never been to put down or offend any culture or race rather, he does his best to raise them up through humor.

His Career Took Off In Toronto

Russell Peters began his career in Toronto, first as a DJ before he started performing as a comedian. According to Peters, the reason behind his incredible career success is the advice given to him in 1992 by comedian George Carlin, which was to always get on the podium whenever and wherever possible. Following the advice, the dexterous actor has done well for himself. Of course, his unique style of presentation has a lot to do with his success as a comedian.

Russell Peters encountered the turning point in his career when the video of his performance on Comedy Now, a Canadian television comic show was uploaded on YouTube and went viral. Since then, Peters has gone ahead to perform in many cities across the United States as well as in other countries which have helped him to assemble an enormous following. He has also released many comedy DVDs such as Outsourced, Red White and Brown, The Green Tour: Live from the O2 Arena, and Notorious, with the latter becoming the first Netflix stand-up special.

The Comedian Later Diversified Into Acting, Writing, Hosting, And Production

Russell Peters has also showcased his humorous nature while serving as the host of many shows including The Canada Day Comic Festival. He has been featured in many TV and Radio programs including Top Gear America, and Monsoon House – a radio sitcom. As a testament to his abilities, he has worked as a writer and executive producer of TV shows such as Hip-Hop Evolution, A Russell Peters Christmas Special, and The Indian Detective.

Peters published his autobiography titled Call Me Russell in 2010; he wrote the book alongside his brother, Clayton Peters, and Dannis Koromilas.

He has also had a finger in acting, appearing in movies and television shows such as Family Guy, Fifty Shades of Black, New Year’s Eve, Are We There Yet? and a whole lot more.

Russell Peters Has Dated Quite a Few Women Following His Divorce From Monica Diaz

Since he called it quits with Monica Diaz, his ex-wife, and the mother of his daughter, Russell Peters has gotten involved with a couple of women; some of whom are part of the entertainment industry.

Ruzanna Khetchian

Russell Peters
Peters and Ruzanna Khetchian: image source

After his marriage, the Anglo-Indian became an item with Ruzanna Khetchian. The duo dated for a while before Peters popped the big question in October 2016. According to the comic actor, there is no need to hurry in relationships as marriage will come when the time is right.

Russell poked fun at his own marriage proposal when he revealed that he had to propose naked and down on both knees as he has a bad knee and so doing it the traditional way would hurt. His engagement ring with Ruzanna was a 4.25-carat diamond ring by Mark Lash. However, this engagement was called off but the reason behind it was never made public.

Jennifer Andrade

Russel Peters
Peters, Jennifer, and their baby: image source

After his relationship with Ruzanna, Jennifer Andrade took center stage in Russell Peter’s life. Jennifer was the Miss Honduras contestant for the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. The exact time their relationship commenced is not known but an announcement came from Peters on the 4th of December 2018, that his girlfriend was expecting a baby.

The following April, a second announcement emerged saying that Jennifer had delivered “a handsome, strong, big ass, healthy, baby boy!!!”. Peters who dropped the good news invited fans to say hello to “Russell Santiago Peters!!!”

Monica Diaz

Monica Diaz
Russell Peters with Monica Diaz and daughter: image source

Monica Diaz is the only woman that Peters has ever exchanged marriage vows with. The duo tied the knot on the 20th of August 2010 at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The comedian proposed to Diaz at the Los Angeles International Airport on the 10th of July 2010, after which he took to social media to drop the announcement.

Soon after their nuptials, Russell Peters announced that his wife was already pregnant; he poked fun at the situation by hinting to the fact that they might have expedited their wedding plans because of the pregnancy. The couple’s daughter, Crystianne Marie Peters, made her arrival into the family in December 2010.

Almost two years later, in March 2012, the couple decided to go their separate ways. However, their divorce was devoid of any hard feelings as Peters and Diaz both came to the agreement that they rushed into the marriage. According to the divorced duo, if they had waited to get to know each other better, it would have become glaring that the marriage shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone
Peters and Sunny Leone: image source

Before Monica Diaz, there was Sunny Leone. Russell’s first known girlfriend was Bollywood actress Sunny Leone who previously worked as a porn star. It is not known when they began dating but it is public knowledge that their relationship hit the rocks in 2007.

He Is Among The Highest Earning Comedians Of Our Time

Russell Peters’ unique style of comedy did not just translate to fame, he has also reaped an immense fortune from his comedy. The comedian is known to have acquired jaw-dropping earnings from his flourishing career as he was reported to have earned about $40 million in 2014.

As of 2019, Russell Peters’ net worth was reportedly around $55 million. However, a recent update for 2020 pegged it a whopping $75 million with handsome annual earnings of $19 million. The actor and comedian owes his massive wealth to his comedic career. However, acting, hosting, writing, and movie production will also take some credit for a few digits.

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