Who is Ryan Debolt – Sara Ramirez’s Husband, Are They Still Married?

There are a lot of popular people who have achieved fame from their proximity to other popular people. The popular people in their life could either be their child, mother, father, sister, uncle or cousin. In the case of Ryan Debolt, he has achieved fame because of his wife, the actress and singer Sara Ramirez. Debolt is a person to reckon with in his chosen career but this is not what has made him a household name, rather he owes his popularity to his romance with the actress who became immensely popular for her role in the television show Grey’s Anatomy. To learn more about the life of Ryan Debolt, keep reading.

Ryan Debolt Bio

Ryan Debolt was born in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City on the 25th of September in 1980. Most of his childhood was spent in Mexico until his family decided to migrate to the United States of America. As a result of the anonymity he enjoys which stems from him not being a celebrity, nothing is known of his family or of the type of education he got or the schools that he attended.

It is however known that he works as a business analyst, and has worked for the logistics company TIMEC. His marriage to Ramirez makes him the target of public scrutiny and attention but he still finds a way to avoid the spotlight and would rather remain in the background while his wife Sara Ramirez gets all the attention.

Marriage to Sara Ramirez

The actress, Sara Ramirez is known for her work in film, television, Broadway and has managed to lead a career in music as well. This multi-talented woman and recipient of a plethora of awards is the wife of Ryan Debolt. They have both described the love they share as one that happened at first sight, a spiritual connection that was forged the moment they met each other.

For the longest time, the actress kept her relationship with Debolt under wraps, the couple had been dating for a very long time and it was only after their marriage that they started to talk about how long they had dated for.

The couple got married on the 4th of July in 2012. During a holiday in France which the couple had decided to have, Debolt popped the question in Paris to which Ramirez said yes to. They got engaged in 2011 – a year before the marriage and tied the knot the following year. Their wedding ceremony took place by a beach in New York and was a very private affair attended by their closest family members and friends.

Ramirez and Debolt have no children yet although they have been speculations about her being pregnant, especially as fans of the actress want her to have a kid. It is however certain that when the couple feels they are ready for a kid, they will have one and make the announcement which fans of the actress so desperately want to hear.

Are They Still Married?

Sara Ramirez’s role in Grey’s Anatomy has been described as groundbreaking and record-setting not because of her performance on the show but because of the character she portrayed. Ramirez played the role of Calliope Torres who happens to be the first openly bisexual woman of color on a television show in the history of television and because of this character, the show appealed to a different type of audience.

Ramirez was part of the show for ten years, a few months after her departure from the show in 2016; she came out as a bisexual in real life. This sparked some controversy which might have led to rumors of her marriage breaking up.

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Ryan Debolt and Sara Ramirez are still very much married and it does not seem like there is trouble in their paradise. Ramirez, upon coming out as a bisexual woman has said that it felt like her acting as a bisexual character was not as freeing for her when in her real life she could not openly identify her true sexuality.

In all of this, Debolt who has stood by his wife through it all has proven to be a great support system for his wife.


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