Factors That Enhanced Ryan Destiny’s Quick Rise To Fame and All About Her Family

From politics to the arts and entertainment, millennials are coming up and taking over. Some of these relatively young individuals like Ryan Destiny are already making landfall in their chosen fields.

Ryan is a rising singer who is currently most famous for her role in Fox’s musical drama, Star. Since reaching stardom on the show, she has furthered her footprint in the industry with a recurring role on another popular young adult series, Grown-ish. Her budding career is a testament to what is possible when you have a supportive family and a hardworking attitude.

Ryan Destiny’s Parents are Her Biggest Supporters

Like her last name, it seemed written in the stars that Ryan would become a singer. The Detroit, Michigan native, who was born on the 8th of January, 1995 as Ryan Destiny Irons, always had a strong passion for music. But had it not been for the support of her parents; Deron and Dawn Irons, the love may have died out.

Ryan had their approval and backing, especially that of her father, who by virtue of his past, understood the importance of nurturing creativity more than anyone in their family. At the very young age of 12, she had already formed a music group called New Limit. The group consisted of herself and two friends, one of whom was Jasmine Pore.

As someone who has been committed to music since she was a child, attending college was never in her plans. She did, however, graduate from West Bloomfield High School.

An Early Appearance on America’s Got Talent Gave Her Exposure

Ryan Destiny’s parents’ unequivocal support led to another factor that drove her quick rise to fame. This time, it was spearheaded by her mother, Dawn, who as manager of her music group, helped secure an audition for America’s Got Talent.

The group reached the third round before they decided they needed a different path. But even though America’s Got Talent did not turn out to be her express card to fame, it provided an exposure to the music industry at large. Around that same time, she also won a singing contest to attend the red carpet premiere of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”.

Both experiences helped her land her first record deal with a label in Michigan. However, not every member of New Limit was on board the group’s latest step. They, therefore, split as Destiny and Pore went on to form a new group with another America’s Got Talent alum, Chelsea Stone. The trio called themselves Love Dollhouse.

Ryan Destiny
Ryan Destiny with members of Love Dollhouse: image source

Without releasing any music, the group signed to All Def, a label owned by the legendary Russell Simmons and a couple of other associates. Having been signed to the label, the group went into the studio and recorded their first song titled “Can I?”

The release of the single did not do much to expose the group to the music industry and fans. This eventually led to the group breaking up as Ryan Destiny herself secured a solo artist record deal with Capitol Records. After joining Capitol, she announced plans for her first solo release in 2016.

Ryan Destiny is a Multi-Talented Woman

Had music been Ryan Destiny’s only creative interest and outlet, then perhaps she would not be as famous as she is today. But having had her creative juices nurtured since she was a child, she had more than her impressive vocals in her arsenal as she could also act.

Thus, she was able to go ahead and start an acting career, with her first role being an unnamed one in an episode of The Wannabes Starring Savvy in 2010. Her first named role came three years after in 2013 when she starred as April Geddes in Low Winter Sun. She appeared in a recurring role across six episodes on the show.

Ryan Destiny later made her first appearance in a feature film in 2015. It was a lead role as Grace in A Girl Like Grace. The indie film saw her star alongside established actors like Raven-Symone and Meagan Good. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival to modest critical reception.

Star and Grown-ish Made Her a Household Name

Ryan Destiny
Ryan Destiny in Star: image source

Despite the lackluster reception to her first lead role, Ryan Destiny found her anchor to fame in Star. The Fox show, which is about a trio of women who formed a musical group in Atlanta, is eerily similar to her musical journey. She played the character of Alexandra Crane on the show that became her star vehicle, bringing her to the attention of a mainstream audience. She appeared in all 48 episodes of the show across three seasons from 2016 to 2019.

After Star ended, Ryan took things further by appearing in the Freeform young adult series, Grown-ish. There, she played the role of Jillian across six episodes alongside rising actors like Yara Shahidi and Trevor Jackson.

These appearances, as well as her music journey, have accelerated her rise to fame. An appearance as Claressa Shields in Flint Strong, a yet to be released feature film, further shows that Ryan Destiny’s career is heading up.

How Her Parents Were Able to Succesfully Nurture Her Talents

Ryan Destiny’s rapid rise to stardom is attributed to her parents, who beyond their support, are experienced members of the entertainment industry.

Her father, Deron Irons, is a member of the now-defunct 90s R&B group, Guess. Her African American father and his group were signed to Death Row Records and released one album titled Guesss. They also released singles like “It’s You That I Need”, “Tell Me Where It Hurts”, and the EP, Shu-B.

Her mother Dawn Irons, on the other hand, is her manager. The biracial woman made sure her daughter explored all the opportunities that would make her career sail as her work lies primarily behind the scenes. Ryan is her most prominent client thus far.

Ryan is Dating Keith Powers

Ryan Destiny’s short career in the entertainment world has been busy and so has her love life. She has been in a relationship with actor Keith Powers since 2017 after they met at a Teen Vogue party in 2015. Although they have relatively kept their affair out of the public eye, their relationship has earned Instagram fame, as they are quick to share photos and tell the world how they feel about each other.

Keith Powers, like Ryan, is a rising Hollywood star who alongside acting is also a model. His most notable acting works include Straight Outta Compton, The New Edition Story, and Netflix’s Reality High.

With their relationship going strong, some fans have been wondering if they will go all the way. No one knows that, but one thing is for sure, Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers will be around for a long while.


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