Riveting Facts About Who Ryan Haywood Is, His Family Ties and What He Is Best Known For

At face value, one would assume that building a career around gaming is the easiest thing anyone can achieve, however, a more detailed study would reveal that it is quite a task. People like Ryan Haywood, nonetheless, has mastered most tricks behind a few games and is now regarded as one of the most influential gamers in the world.

His rise to stardom wasn’t an easy one as he had to take up several menial jobs until he was able to achieve his dreams. He has inspired a lot of gamers around the globe and has one of the highest followed Twitter handles. Everything was great for the internet personality and voice actor until a 2020 scandal that halted his career as much as it threatens his personal life.

Ryan Haywood was Born and Raised in Columbus, Georgia 

James Ryan Haywood was born on the 6th of December, 1980 in Columbus Georgia to parents whose identities have largely remained unknown to the public. Similarly, it is pretty hard to tell anything about his family background and early life apart from the fact that he was raised in Georgia where he schooled.

Haywood attended Georgia Tech University before schooling at Georgia Southern University. Also, he bagged a degree in Theatre and Computer Animation from some institute in England.

The Internet Personality Met His Wife Laurie Higginbotham in High School

While the details of his career are readily available, the same can’t be said about the personal life of Ryan Haywood. He is one of the popular figures that prefer to keep information about their private life away from the prying eyes of the public.

Because of that, it is hard to tell anything about the woman he is married to apart from a few facts. Ryan’s wife is a veterinarian, her name is Laurie Higginbotham, and they met in high school.

It was in 2007 that she graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. After that, she had a rotating internship at Florida Veterinary Specialists – now known as BluePearl – in 2008. From what we gather, she worked in general and emergency/specialty practice and later joined the Terrell Veterinary Clinic in 2015.

They Got Married in 2007 and are Parents to Two Kids and Several Pets 

While there are no exact details pointing to how they met, several sources have described Laurie as Ryan’s high school sweetheart; this suggests that they met in high school and that their relationship has seen many years.

The lovebirds became man and wife after exchanging marital vows sometime in 2007. Their union has seen the birth of two adorable children. Their first, a son named Eli, was born three years after they got married and his sister Olivia joined the family in October 2013.

Ryan Haywood
Ryan Haywood and kids

Ryan Haywood’s kids have featured in a few of his Twitch streams. Currently, the family resides in Austin, Texas with their pets: three dogs and two cats.

What We Know About the Cheating Scandal that Threatened His Marriage and Career

Ryan’s career has been largely defined by his exploits with the video game company, Rooster Teeth. As such, it was quite a shock when it emerged that Ryan Haywood and another member of Rooster Teeth, Adam Kovic, were dismissed by the company.

It has been confirmed that their dismissal follows the explicit photos they allegedly sent to fans which were leaked online. In addition to that, they have been accused of targetting unwary fans and soliciting sexual favors from them. Several people have spoken up against Ryan to corroborate the allegations.

The foregoing suggests that Ryan had been cheating on his wife and that their marriage is troubled. The internet personality confirmed this in a tweet wherein he affirmed that he’s no longer with Rooster Teeth.

Acknowledging he made mistakes while subtly contending that nothing he did was illegal, Ryan Haywood related in an October 2020 tweet that he’s leaving Rooster Teeth to focus on rebuilding his family. He begged for people to stop harassing and threatening his family, upholding that the consequences of his actions are his to bear.

Ryan Haywood is no longer active on Twitter and other social media platforms where he was popular. Meanwhile, Rooster Teeth confirmed they fired him and Adam in a tweet.

Ryan Haywood Began His Career as a Model

After graduating from high school, Ryan Haywood kicked off his career as a model. He fronted several commercials and magazines, one of them was Twist Magazine and he was also a runway model.

In early 2011, he relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas, and found a job opportunity with Rooster Teeth on Craiglist. After applying for the job, he relocated to Austin, Texas to work fully as an editor for Achievement Hunter.

While with Achievement Hunter, he was solely in charge of the website and recreated the Game Fails YouTube Channel. Haywood worked as a crew member, editor, and recurring host; before becoming the lead host at the beginning of March 2012.

Precisely on the 26th of March 2012, Ray Haywood made a debut appearance in the fan-made video game, Mari0, Let’s Play. Then, he appeared in the YouTube video, Dear YouTube, while still working as an animator for Achievement Hunter.

He is Most Known for Hosting Achievement Hunter and Voicing Various Rooster Teeth Animated Shows

Ryan’s promotion to the spot of the main host on Achievement Hunter brought about his sole involvement with the crew. Besides his works with Achievement Hunter, Ryan co-starred and appeared in several live-action productions such as Immersion, Rooster Teeth Shorts, Eleven Little Roosters, Million Dollars, But…, The Gauntlet, amongst others.

Moreso, Ryan Haywood has provided his voice for various Rooster Teeth animated shows. He is known to have voiced Professor Peter Port in RWBY and other characters in shows like Red vs Blue, The Mad King, and Camp Camp.

Haywood became more famous after the 89th episode of the Minecraft Let’s Play series. Thanks to the game, he became known as the Mad King and attained a status as one of the most influential gamers. Sometime in 2013, Ryan Haywood took his influence as a gamer to social media. He created a Twitter account that amassed over 90k views within the first 30 seconds.

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