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Ryan Higa is not only celebrated as a YouTube star, he is also famed for appearaing on television screens as an actor and comedian. Nigahiga; his Youtube channel has gathered over 20 million subscribers with millions views what with his different comic acts, short films, and music videos uploads.

With the rise in his career, it is no surprise that Nigahiga maintained the position of the highest subscribed Youtube channel from 2009 until 2011 before losing the slot to PewDiePie. Apart from his venture on YouTube, Ryan also runs a website known as www.higatv.com.

Ryan Higa Bio’s (Age)

From his looks, one accept without questioning that he is Asian and comes from a Japanese ancestry but when it comes to his nationality, Ryan Higa is an American. He was born as the youngest of two boys to Luci Higa and Wendall Higa on June 6, 1990.

While in middle school, Ryan Higa gained expertise in Judo and earned a black belt. He schooled at Waiakea High school and was very active in the school judo and wrestling team. During his days at high school, Ryan’s interest in the internet began budding, he liaised with Sean Fujiyoshi and began creating video uploads of music lip-syncing on YouTube. Soon they began to gather some following and decided to spice it up with a comedy twist. With time, the duo also invited a few of their friends on the platforms creating an avenue for fun and delight.

Already, Sean Fujiyoshi was one his right-hand man, so, Ryan Higa recruited two other of his colleagues, Enos, and Nago and together, they created his Youtube Channel, NigaHiga on July 20, 2006. Ryan has revealed that the name NigaHiga was coined from the word ‘Rant’ in Japanese and his last name ‘Higa’. Within four years the channel was created it gathered over 3 million subscribers making it the first channel on Youtube to attain such height within that time space.

High school days rolled by and he finally decided to attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with the intent of bagging a degree in nuclear medicine. However, Ryan Higa got bored with his studies as he didn’t find satisfaction in the curriculum. As a result, he opted out of school and decided to focus on his YouTube career which led to his self-run with the already created Youtube channel. In a bid to create a balance between his friends, he went ahead to create a production company, Ryan Higa Production with Sean Fujiyoshi. The company was created majorly to work on the videos that would be uploaded on the channel. Later on, Ryan Higa liaised with a few other YouTubers and created a K-pop group known as Boys Generally Asian.

In 2012, Higa aided the process of creating the YOMYOMF network- a network that focuses on video making competitions and also hosts Internet Icon. The YouTube celebrity has maintained the position of one of the Judges, year after year.

The YouTuber’s quest for success is not limited to his many YouTube endeavors, he has gone ahead and produced a full movie working with director and producer Richard Van Vleet. Unfortunately, the film did not perform well. Ryan has also trodden the path of an actor. He displayed his acting prowess in the horror movie, Tell Me How I Die (2016) and of course, we wouldn’t leave out his debut single, Millenial Love released in 2017.

Brother – Kyle Higa

Kyle Higa is Ryan’s older brother, he became a person of interest after appearing in one of his brother’s video uploads. Since then, he has gathered a few fans for himself. Growing up with a younger brother like Ryan was quite a task for Kyle as their lives were filled with competitions. They both played Judo and like always, he ensures that he kept his younger brother at his place. Kyle and Ryan Higa both share a strong bond and they have walked through life together by being each other’s support system

Girlfriend – Arden Cho 

Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa and Arden Cho

Ryan Higa found love with Arden Cho, the Asian-American actress, singer, and model. Arden is five years older than Ryan but that has not in any way affected what they share. The two share a strong bond and has gone ahead to display different PDAs in most of Ryan’s uploads.

Prior to his relationship with Arden Cho, the YouTuber was romantically involved with Tarynn Nago. He dated her for four years and also briefly dated Andrea Thi.

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Net Worth

Unarguably, the YouTuber’s escapades on his channel have paid his bills and also drawn him to fame. Normally, YouTubers are averagely paid $1-$5 per 1000 monetized views. So, if a rough calculation is made as per his views daily, he would roughly earn $2,500 – $3,000 per day on his channel which when calculated for a year would run into nothing less than a million dollar per anum. From this assumption, it is no surprise that Ryan Higa is estimated to be worth $10 million


Ryan Higa is a good looking man who stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 58kg. He is not one of tallest YouTube stars but on our list of eligible handsome men, he sure holds a position.

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