South Africa Loses Right To Host Commonwealth Games

The city of Durban in South Africa has been stripped of the right to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The reason behind this decision was based on the South African government’s inability to provide a guarantee of being financially capable of hosting the games.

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In addition, the city had failed to meet up to some commitments which were made when it won the bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

David Grevemberg, chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation said that Durban had not signed off on the decision to host the games.

“We have a host city contract,” he said. “It was signed by all parties on the day except for the South African government.

“We have engaged with the government to really try to work with their current circumstances but also uphold the commitments that were outlined in their bid. They were unable to do that at this time and we have had to look after the citizens and communities that our events serve.”

Although Durban delivered a hosting proposal to the  Commonwealth  Games Federation which also included a revised budget over the weekend, it was unable to prevent them from losing their right to host the games.

“It is with disappointment that the detailed review has concluded that there is a significant departure from the undertakings provided in Durban’s bid, and as a result a number of key obligations and commitments in areas such as governance, venues, funding and risk management/assurance have not been met,” the CGF said in a statement.

The CGF president Louise Martin said the organization is currently looking at options for a new host. Liverpool and Birmingham have also expressed interest in hosting the games.

The commonwealth games is a multisport game which began in 1930. The city of Durban was awarded the game in 2015. This would have made it the first time an African country got to host the games.

The games are held every four years with participants from more than 50 countries, with most of them being from the Commonwealth countries.

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Grevemberg noted that the decision to rescind Durban’s sights to host the games does not in any way put an end to the CGF’s commitment to the African continent.

“We remain committed to the inspiring potential of a Games in the continent,” he said.

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