An Inside Look at Sabrina Siddiqui’s Career Progression and Her Relationship Status

Sabrina Siddiqui is a journalist who has worked as a political reporter for some of the most prominent media houses in the United States. She has gained the attention of a wide audience through her excellent coverage of the political happenings at Washington. Throughout her career, the widely known political reporter has covered two United States Presidential Campaigns along with up-to-date political stories in America.

Right from the age of 13, Sabrina nurtured the dream of becoming a journalist which she has actualized with the help of her parents. Before joining The Guardian in 2015, the skilled reporter worked in Washington, D.C as a political journalist for Bloomberg and The Huffington Post. She has gone ahead to attain quite a successful career in her chosen field over the years. In the process, Sabrina has become an idol for many ambitious young South Asians in the US.

Sabrina Siddiqui’s Writing Career Began In High School

The Guardian political reporter was born on the 8th of December 1986 in the United States of America to Jamir and Nishat Siddiqui. Her father was born in India but grew up in Pakistan and her mother is a chef and native of Pakistan who owns Nishat’s Kitchen.

Sabrina Siddiqui has an elder brother named Anwar, who works as a medical practitioner. She spent most of her childhood in Rome, Italy, as her family resided in Rome for ten years while she was little. As a result of her background, Sabrina is multilingual, fluent in Urdu, Italian, and the English language.

The elegant television personality has always wanted to be a journalist since she was 13. During that time, she was in the habit of creating short stories. On one occasion, she made a wonderful display of her writing talent by creating a Bollywood movie review which she gave to her family members and friends.

Following the encouragement of her family, the adroit journalist started working as a freelance writer while in high school and equally served as their high school newspaper editor. In the pursuit of her dream, Sabrina enrolled at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago where she earned a bachelor’s degree.

She Began Her Career as a Freelance Reporter for Bloomberg News

Sabrina Siddiqui began her first job at Bloomberg News, serving as a freelance reporter. She was among the members of the press that followed the former United States President, Barack Obama as part of the News Agency’s White House team.

A few years later, she gained an opportunity to work at the National Pharmaceutical Council as a research assistant and simultaneously served as a senior editor at Divanee, a South Asian News Network. Later, she moved her services to The Huffington Post, where she worked as a White House reporter.

While she was there, she toured as a member of the press that followed Mitt Romney’s Campaign and covered the 2012 US Presidential election. After spending three wonderful years at The Huffington Post, Sabrina Siddiqui became a member of the staff of The Guardian, working as a Washington D.C reporter.

What She Accomplished With The Guardian and Move to The Wall Street Journal In 2019

At The Guardian, Sabrina regularly covered day-to-day political news. She also covered major political events like being one of the traveling press members that followed Marco Rubio’s campaign. She also covered the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, during her primary and presidential run.

As one of the few Muslims working as a White House reporter, Siddiqui faced a lot of negative encounters while covering the US presidential election. However, the fearless political reporter has not relented in any way from executing her job. She published an op-ed in December 2016, recounting her ordeal during the period.

Aside from a day job as a White House correspondent for The Guardian, she has a recurring role as a political analyst on TV. She has appeared on MSNBC and Sky News. Sabrina Siddiqui has also been a contributor to CBSN and is a contributing host on The Bill Press Show. She joined CNN as a resident political analyst in March 2019.

In September 2019, she added another milestone to her journalism resume when she left The Guardian to join The Wall Street Journal. During her four-year stint at The Guardian, she filed over 1,200 stories. As a national politics reporter, Sabrina has been covering significant political events like the 2020 presidential election.

She reported on the Democratic primaries between 2019 and 2020. In the latter year, she covered the general election face-off between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. She has also covered the coronavirus pandemic in the US, its effects, and government response.

Inspiring People of Her Kind Is Probably Her Biggest Achievement

In terms of achievements, Sabrina Siddiqui’s career is her biggest thus far. She has worked for several leading digital print news media outlets and appeared on major TV news media. From The Guardian to Wall Street Journal, CNN and MSNBC, her resume is an impressive accomplishment. It is particularly a very big deal for a Muslim woman of Asian heritage who overcame discrimination to become a prominent figure in American Journalism.

Sabrina Siddiqui
Sabrina on national television: image source

Aside from a glass-ceiling defying career, she has also built a comfortable financial life for herself. She commands a high six-figure salary in her primary role as a national political reporter.

As of 2020, she reportedly makes an estimated $120,000 per year in salary. In her role as a political analyst for CNN, Sabrina Siddiqui, based on figures by Zippia, makes between $58,000 and $149,00 a year as additional income.

Sabrina Has Been Married to Ali Jafri Since July 2019

In her profession as a prominent political reporter, maintaining a love life can be quite a challenge. However, with the help of technology, Sabrina Siddiqui has found the love of her life, Ali Jafri. He is a senior research analyst at the National Security Innovation, Inc.

The two met on the dating app, Bumble, in 2016. After a series of text exchanges, they met and began a relationship. It blossomed into an engagement when Ali proposed to Sabrina in October 2018. Less than a year after, the two became husband and wife at Westfields Marriot in North Virginia.

Since the couple got married, they have been living a happy life. Some of the evidence is plastered all over her Instagram page. Sabrina Siddiqui and Ali Jafri are currently living in Washington, D.C.


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