Safiyo Gayre: The 60-Year-Old Grandma Aiming For A Law Degree

A 60-year-old Somali grandma, Safiyo Gayre, is inspiring women and people at large all over the world to go for their dreams.

Safiyo Jama Gayre, the 60-year-old from Somalia, will be graduating with a law degree from the Puntland State University in Somalia at the year’s ending.

The 60-year-old being the oldest in her class remained undaunted as she wanted to prove that age is not a barrier to graduating and beginning a career in law.

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Safiyo Gayre told United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

“I know I am a mother and a grandmother, but I am also a person who loves school, and I would study the rest of my life if the opportunity came along because I want my life to be more meaningful.”

Safiyo Gayre: The 60-Year-Old Grandma Aiming For A Law Degree

Safiyo has great dreams of using her law degree to revamp the justice sector in Somalia, a country that is war-torn and deep in crisis.

Safiyo Gayre began her university degree in 2012 through a scholarship scheme by the UNDP, which helps several students into the Puntland University to study law.

This programme is the UNDP Joint Rule of Law Programme. The aim of this programme is to ensure the education of Somalis on legal principles such as the rule of law, justice and corrections, and so on. This is done in hopes that the students will use this knowledge to build up the war-torn Somalia.

Before Safiyo began her law degree she couldn’t contain the belief that she could achieve her dream of being a lawyer as there were lots of obstacles that needed to pull down before she could go to school.

She told UNDP:

“However, after the results of the entrance exam were released, I scored the second highest points.”

Safiyo has already completed her thesis and will be graduating by the end of the year. She also plans to educate other women on the importance of education.

The UNDP specifically describes the objective of the programme as enhancing the “capacity of Somalia’s Rule of Law System to cater to the specific needs of all, and especially vulnerable groups.”

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Before the UNDP stepped in with this programme, there were just 15 trained lawyers in the city of Puntland’s judicial system. But with the advent of the joint rule of law programme, the number of people in the judicial system has positively increased.