Dissecting Sam Heughan’s Relationships: The Question About His Wife, Girlfriend & Gay Rumors

Sam Heughan is a Scottish actor who has garnered fame for his longstanding onscreen romance with Caitriona Balfe on the TV series, Outlander. The movie, which started back in 2014 on Starz, depicts the love between the characters, Jamie and Claire, which have triggered a lot of speculations of an ongoing real-life romance between Sam and Caitriona who played the respective characters. Over the years, Outlander fans noticed that whether it’s onscreen or offscreen, the pair shares a bond which they flaunt online as they often show support for each other, or on some occasions, it might just be as simple as replying messages or commenting on social media posts.

A Sneak Peek At The Chemistry Between Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe?

Since Heughan started to appear on the popular historical fiction, Outlander, he has been known both on and off the screen to have quite a great connection with his co-star, Caitriona Balfe. The pair, which were cast as a lovely onscreen couple, has thrilled fans of Outlander with their well-delivered show of affection over the years on the TV series. Beyond that, they have also led many to believe they were an item in real life as they also enjoyed a great relationship off-camera. They actively follow each other on various social media platforms, where they have sent flirty messages on several occasions.

Sam Heughan
Sam and Balfe (Image Source)

In an interview Sam Heughan granted, he openly talked about Balfe being a wonderful, intelligent, and creative woman. However, he made it clear that they were only good friends, and nothing more. The rumor of their relationship subsequently died in August 2019 when Balfe got married to music producer, Antony McGill, whom she has been dating for quite a long time. The wedding ceremony was a private event held in Bruton, England, which Heughan attended alongside other close friends and family members of Caitriona.

Before her wedding, Balfe had also gone on to clear the misconception of her relationship with Sam. The actress revealed in an interview with Parade Magazine that she was aware of the fact that fans of Outlander wanted her and Sam to replicate the love they had onscreen into the real world, but as the case is, they are just good friends. She went on to add that it would have been a bit awkward to date her love interest in the series in real life, and the relationship would have been difficult to hold down successfully.

His Romance With The Bold and the Beautiful Star, MacKenzie Mauzy Ended Abruptly

Sam Heughan
Mauzy and Sam (Image Source)

Sometime in 2017, the Scottish actor was in a romantic relationship with the American actress, MacKenzie Mauzy, who is popular for starring in the TV series, The Bold and the Beautiful. The pair’s first public appearance as a couple was in February 2017 and later on, at the Oscars held that year. A few months later in May 2017, Heughan and Mauzy were also sighted in South Africa where they had gone to celebrate Sam’s birthday.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t see the end of 2017 as the pair broke up that same year. According to reports, Mauzy became a target for internet trolls who wanted to get back at Sam Heughan for reasons unknown to the actor. Their persistent harassment left the pair no choice than to end their romance.

Did Heughan Date Twin Peak Actress Amy Shiels?

The Outlander star, who is good friends with actress Amy Shiels, had triggered rumors of being in a romantic relationship with the Twin Peak actress for a couple of years. However, the news of their alleged relationship gained momentum in 2014 when a fan commented on Twitter that Amy and Sam would make a lovely couple to which the actress reportedly replied by liking the tweet.

Sam Heughan
Sam and Amy (Image Source)

The speculation continued 2 years later in 2016, but that is all it has remained as the pair have not acknowledged being in a relationship throughout their friendship, which is over a decade. Amid all the rumors, they seem unaffected as they continue to hang out together and attending several red carpet events like the L.A premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me held in 2018.

Asides these rumors, the Scottish actor does not appear to be in any known romantic entanglement in recent years. Earlier in February 2020, he had revealed that although he admires the love relationship between Outlander’s main characters, Jamie and Claire, the same has not happened to him in real life. His busy schedule could also be blamed for him being single as he spends a lot of time traveling to make movies. Sam is, however, hopeful that he might find love later in life, and when it happens, he knows he would be head over heels in love with the lady.

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What We Know About Sam Heughan’s Sexuality

Sometime in April 2020, Sam Heughan, who has suffered from cyberbullying for a couple of years now, took to his Twitter handle to address several rumors that internet trolls have circulated about him, including his sexuality.

The Outlander star refuted all the claims of him being a gay man. He went on to add that his comment on Twitter that boring does not go together with homosexuals was a response he made to spite a Twitter user who had called him a boring homosexual.

The actor had also made it clear some time in the past that his onscreen characters do not define who he is in real life. Sam Heughan had played the role of the teenage Alexander in the Young Alexander the Great, as well as appearing in a couple of gay scenes in both Outlander and the stage play, The Plage Over England. According to Heughan, he would have named the trolls on his page but was constrained to do so due to legal issues. There is, therefore, no evidence to validate that Sam is a closeted gay man as he had openly cleared his name from such rumors.

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