Who Exactly is Samaje Perine The NFL Running Back?

Samaje Perine is a National Football League (NFL) running back renown for speed and amazing physical strength and to most fans, he is a human tank. He currently plays for Washington Redskins in the running back position. He was selected in the 4th round of the 2017 NFL Draft, as a 114th overall pick. He may be a “new kid on the block” but it is still undeniable that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Who Is Samaje Perine? 

Samaja Perine was born in Alabama of the 16th of September in 1995 to Gloria Perine, an area manager in Austin branch of Apple Nothing is known of his father but he always refers to his step-dad, a software engineer, as one of his role models. This suggests that his mother was remarried and that Samaje had a good relationship with her new husband. He identifies as an African-American with regards to his ancestry.

His mother explained that she gave him the ‘Samaje’ because the name ‘Sam’ has been in her family tree for a long time. She revealed that her father and grandfather were both named Sam. Gloria thought it good to continue ‘Sam’ naming pattern with her own son.

Samaje, who is described as humble, taciturn and well-mannered took to weightlifting at the age of 12 and attended Hendrickson High School when his family moved to Pflugerville in Texas. Interestingly, for someone who had more interest in playing drums than watching games on TV, he became part of a college football team – the Hendrickson Hawks – as a three-starter running back. He also joined the college track and field team, where he did an excellent job.

Considering his height, Samaje Perine doesn’t’ possess the height of most average American football players. He stands at 5 ft 11 inches (1.80 m) and weighs 236 lb. (107 kilograms). Yet he carries great physical strength most football players cannot match. He once lifted someone’s car to help fix a flat tire back in his high school days.

In high school, Samaje proved himself both an excellent sportsman and a straight-A student. He scored good grades in the class and never got into trouble with school authorities. He rushed 1492 yards and scored 12 touchdowns for the Hendrickson Hawks and won gold medals in the triple jump, long jump as well as first positions anchoring the relay events and 100-meter dash. After high school, Samaje attended the University of Oklahoma where he continued to play college football from 2014 to 2016.

In his junior year, Samaje’s dashing runs and outstanding physical strength soon caught the eye of Washington Redskins and he was recruited in the 4th round of NFL 2017 draft. He signed a $3 million 4-year contract with the Redskins and played his first game in September 2017 against the LA Rams.

His rampaging runs and humble demeanour quickly made Samaje big favourite with the fans. He was named Rookie of the Season for his 603 rushing yards and 22 receptions for 182 yards and one receiving touchdown. Samaje has come out of ankle and knee injuries to become a force to reckon with in the NFL

His Interesting Family Life 

Samaje Perine is the only known child of his mother and he has a special bond with his her and also describes her as his role model. There are rumors that Samaja might have a brother named Lamical Perine. This is not true. Lamical Perine, who is also a college American footballer with Florida Gators is actually a cousin to Samaje.

Is He Married?

Samaje Perine
Meg and Sam Perine image source

Samaje is married to his beautiful girlfriend of many years, Megan Haney Perine whom he met in his second year in high school. Megan Perine appears to be of white ethnicity. In February 2017, Samaje proposed to his girlfriend in the most amazing way.

It happened at the training centre for NFL recruit at the Orange County, California. He arranges with this guy, Daniel Fernandez who definitely is some kind of a magician. The magician performs a few tricks on some of the folks watching along with Meg and Samaje. Afterwards, he calls out the couple, does a few tricks. Down goes Samaje on one knee with a ring and Meg goes “Yes!” before he could pop the question. They were married in June 2017.

Megan Perine is a graduate of Finance from the University of Oklahoma. Samaje recently announced on Twitter that they are expecting their first child.

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