Samantha Burton – Biography and Personal Details, Movies and TV Shows

If you were wondering who this smiley face is, well, wonder no more. It’s the same fourteen-year-old who appeared as Hayley Goodfairer in the 2005 film The Sandlot 2. Her name is Samantha Burton and she is an American actress and model who shot to fame after her film debut in 2005. But while it seems she’s suddenly gone off the radar, this post tells you just how active Burton has been on the scene since her breakout appearance. Let’s see a bit of her biography and personal details including some of the films and TV shows she’d starred in over the years. Voila!

Samantha Burton’s Biography

Samantha Burton was born—Samantha Brett Burton—in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 22, 1991. Although she hasn’t shared much about her childhood, early and later education, family, siblings, and parents or what they do for a living, one of her pictures tagged “homecoming queen” gave us a clue that she attended college. However, we don’t know where yet. We also know that she attended Tullahoma High School, Tennesse. But we have no tabs on the specific like her year of graduation and her activities there; so as to know where to place her. But Samantha isn’t running for mayor of Nashville neither is she vying for the office of governor of Tennesse, is she? So we’ll spare the ‘edu-talk.’ As of this writing, what we know is she’s made a name for herself in the acting scene. Want to know more about that? Follow!

Movies and TV Shows

Samantha Burton’s acting career began when she was only fourteen. She made her debut appearing as Hayley Goodfairer, daughter of a NASA engineer, in the 2005 film, The Sandlot 2. The Sandlot 2 was a direct-to-DVD film written and directed by David Mickey Evans, and produced by David Bixler. The film was released to theatres and cinemas on May 3, 2005, as a sequel to the 1993 coming-of-age baseball film, The Sandlot. The movie chronicled the life of children playing baseball on the block in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. They would later unite as a team to faceoff a mutual enemy. Burton starred alongside other actors including Max Lloyd Jones, James Wilson, Brett Kelly, Sean Berdy, and Reece Thompson.

Johnnie Smalls, Hayley Goodfairer, Samantha Burton and Mac McKing in The Sandlot 2
Johnnie Smalls, Hayley Goodfairer, Samantha Burton and Mac McKing in The Sandlot 2 (image source)

Fast forward to 2011, Samatha Burton was featured as a production executive on the crew for the TV series, Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder which ran from 2011 to 2012. Asides that, she has taken other background roles that her social media uploads haven’t captured in detail. So far, we know of no other movies or TV shows she’s featured on. But as soon as new casts bearing her name appears on the media, we’ll be sure to alert you.

Net Worth

Reports have it that she earns a salary between $36k to $48k. We also know that the average salary of an American actress is pegged at $55,467 per year. But depending on the circumstance, it can also range from $45,708 to $67,723. Plus, a model in Americ also earns within a salary range from $36,000 to $48,000. With regard to her net worth, no revelations have been made to that effect.

Is She Married Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

We know that Samantha Burton is not married, yet. However, going down memory lane, she was romantically involved with Max Lloyd-Jones; a fellow actor on the film, The Sandlot 2. They dated between 2005 and 2006 and until they went their separate ways. But in 2018, her followers on social media began to notice a recurrent face reappearing in her uploads. Although we have no name surfacing yet, there are speculations that the mystery guy might be the man in Burton’s life. But so far, it has remained just that, speculations.

Body Measurement

Samantha Burton has long morphed from a fourteen-year-old into a beautiful, slim-built diva. She stands 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.67 meters) tall and weighs 115 lbs. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. As of this writing, we have no tabs on her weight, bra, shoe and dress sizes; as well as her body measurements. But as soon as these are available, we’re sure to put them all out for you.

Samantha Burton’s Social Media Following

Despite not being in the spotlight much, those who love her modeling and who cherish her character in her 2005 movie have gone all the way to search and follow her on social media. That number has grown to about 3k followers on her Instagram handle, close to 2.5k on Twitter and over 500 on Facebook.


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