US Compensates Family Of Boy Killed By Samantha Power Convoy

In April this year, tragedy struck as aides and journalists, along with UN Ambassador to the US, Samantha Power had been part of a convoy that killed a young boy, Birwe Toussem, who darted onto the road.

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They had been headed to meet refugees and other displaced individuals in Cameroon who arose from all across Africa as a result of the war against Boko Haram.

The US has compensated the family of a Cameroon boy who was struck and killed by the Power convoy.

The Power convoy had been moving at a clip pace and they had been unable to halt in time so the boy was fatally hit.

An ambulance in the caravan immediately responded to the scene, but the boy died shortly thereafter. The US provided the family with 1 million Central African francs, equivalent to £1,257.

Power convoy

According to the Associated Press news agency, the boy’s family also received two cows, flour, onions, rice, salt, sugar, soap and oil. The US has also promised to build a well to provide fresh drinking water for the boy’s community, located near the northern city of Mokolo, according to state department officials.

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The departments spokesman, Jeffrey Loree described the contribution as a “compensation package commensurate with local custom, as well as the needs of the family and village”.

He added that the family had been visited on numerous occasions by US diplomats after the accident, and that they would “continue to provide all support possible,”.

Cameroon’s government, local aid organisations and the UN also donated 5m francs to the family, bringing the pay-out to more than $10,000 (£7,393).

Birwe Toussem no doubt died much too young, but the compensations being paid to the family and even more importantly the visits show that no one is hastily sweeping the incident under the rug.