Movies and TV Shows of Sami Gayle’s Career, Why She Left Blue Bloods and Her Family Ties

Sami Gayle may have accidentally stumbled upon a career in acting at the tender age of 7, but since then, there has been nothing accidental about her success. This super-intelligent and supremely-talented young lady from Florida has meticulously applied herself to her craft, and the excellent results are there for all to see. Gayle has starred in several popular movies, sharing the screens with the likes of Adrien Brody and Nicholas Cage.

She has also become a star on the small screen thanks to her performance on the long-running CBS drama, Blue Bloods. For about a decade now, Gayle has portrayed one of the most exciting characters on the hit series and has grown to become a fan favorite. It has, however, been recently revealed that her character would get reduced screentime starting from the 10th season in 2020. This news has been met with sadness as many see this as her exit door from the show.

How She Ditched Her Ballet Shoes for Broadway

As a little girl growing up in Florida, Sami Gayle did not aspire to be an actress. She rather wanted to be a professional dancer and started taking lessons as a child. She subsequently took part in several national and regional dance competitions and won some. The young Gayle later moved to New York, where she participated in ballet classes. During one of such classes, her skills caught the eyes of an individual who offered her a part in a Broadway production. She, however, turned down the offer as the timing clashed with family engagement.

Gayle got another chance in 2007 when she stumbled upon notice for an off-Broadway production of the musical fable, Gypsy. She attended the open call and beat a thousand other kids to land the role of Baby June on the musical. Gayle would portray the character of Baby June during the entire run of Gypsy at City Centre. She also reprised the role when the play moved to Broadway and went on to land parts in other musicals such as Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and Oohrah!

Sami Gayle’s Acting Career Kicked Off in 2007

The young and talented actress began her career on Broadway in 2007. At the time, she was just 11 years old and was featured in a series of movies, including Vampire Academy, Loveship, Hateship, The Congress, Stolen, Candy Jar, Detachment, and much more.

Sami Gayle
Gayle and Adrien Brody in Detachment: Image Source

Detachment is a 2011 drama about Henry, a substitute teacher with a troubled past. He finds himself at a public school filled with an apathetic student body and a frustrated administration. He later becomes a role model for the students whilst assisting other people, including a damaged and naïve child prostitute named Erica. Detachment featured Adrien Brody in the role of Henry while Gayle portrayed the role of Erica. The movie received good reviews with one critic describing it as an emotionally powerful and enlightening drama.

Another notable film that Sami Gayle has starred in is the 2012 thriller, Stolen. Stolen is about two thieves, Will and Vincent, who rob a bank. Will is caught and sent to prison, and upon release, he tries to reconcile with his daughter, Alison. His plans, however, turns upside down after his former crime partner, Vincent, kidnaps Alison and demands a cut of the $10 million they stole from the bank. Stolen featured veteran actor, Nicholas Cage, as Will, while Gayle portrayed his daughter, Alison. It was a great learning experience for the actress as he’s a great method actor who taught her so much.

Blue Bloods Remains Her Biggest Project So Far

On the small screen, Sami Gayle has appeared in TV series such as As The World Turns and Royal Pains. The project that has, however, brought her the most fame is Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods is a CBS drama that revolves around a family that has a long history in law enforcement. Patriarch, Frank, is the police commissioner while the eldest son, Danny, is a detective. The youngest son, Jamie, is a beat cop while the daughter, Erin, is an ADA.

Sami Gayle
Gayle at the weekly Reagan Family Dinners: Image Source

In the series, Gayle plays the role of Erin’s daughter – Nicky. Her character boasts of progressive views and isn’t afraid to butt heads with the conservative members of her extended family. She, however, aspires to be the first woman in the family to be a cop. Blue Bloods debuted in 2010, and Gayle has been a series regular since then. Her performance on the show earned her a nomination for the best young actress in a TV series at the 2012 Young Artist Awards. She has also grown to be one of the most beloved characters on the show thanks to her penchant for sparking arguments at the weekly family dinners with her liberal views and opinions.

The Truth Behind Her Rumored Departure from the Show

In season 10, episode 5 of Blue Bloods, it was revealed that Sami’s character, Nicky, had gotten a job in San Francisco and would be relocating there. Her family members try to convince her to stay back, giving her a myriad of funny, as well as serious reasons, but the young lady is determined to move out and join an exciting startup that helps economically-challenged communities. This particular episode got many fans of the show worried as the relocation would mean that Gayle’s character won’t be regularly appearing on the Brooklyn-based series.

They, therefore, concluded that she may be leaving the show entirely and took to Twitter to express their displeasure. They described her as one of their favorite characters and expressed hope that she would not be departing the show. The truth of the matter is that Sami Gayle is not leaving Blue Bloods and would remain a cast member of the show for the nearest possible future. The only difference is that she would now have reduced screen time, which must have come about as a result of mutual agreement with the showrunners.

The reduced screen time may be a result of the actress’s desire to have more free time to embark on other projects such as the filming of a new movie or maybe a plan to further her studies. If the latter is the case, it won’t be the first time that such would be happening on Blue Bloods. Back in November 2018, Tony Terraciano, who plays the role of Jack, had to attend college in real life. The show, therefore, inserted a storyline, which saw him moving away to another state to attend college.

The Actress Has A Very Supportive Family

Sami Gayle is Jewish and hails from a family of four. Her mother, Linda, is an entrepreneur while her father, whose name is given as Larry Klitzman, is a lawyer. Gayle has disclosed that her parents not only ingrained in her a strong work ethic but also gave her the freedom to explore her interests as far as her academics did not suffer. The actress thus grew up very self-motivated.

Sami Gayle also has an elder brother named Chad. She and Chad are quite close, and she has described him as her mentor, agent, and teacher. The two siblings collaborated on the 2018 Netflix movie, Candy Jar. The film revolves around two career-driven students, Lona and Bennet, who battle for the presidency of their school debate club. The two later shelve their animosities and ended up falling for each other. The movie featured Gayle as Lona while her brother, Chad, wrote the script.

Sami Gayle
Gayle and her elder brother, Chad: Image Source

A Sneak Peek Into Sami Gayle’s Love Life

In stark contrast to her Blue Bloods character, which is notorious for her romantic relationships, Sami Gayle does not have any boyfriend, at least to the best of public knowledge. The actress is focused on building her career, as well as her academics. Gayle initially attended a regular elementary school, but after her career kicked off, she had to be home-schooled.

She completed her entire high school education through the online virtual school system. Her educational pursuits did not stop at this juncture. The Blue Bloods star was able to get into the prestigious Columbia University, where she studied a double major, political science and art history. She graduated with the highest possible distinction, Summa Cum Laude, in 2018.

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