Is Sami Miro Black, What Is Her Ethnicity And Relationship With Zac Efron?

A savvy stunner and a vintage aficionado, Sami Miro is a woman on top of her game. Though Miro was mostly flung into the limelight because of her statuesque ex-boyfriend, she has quite an impressive resume on her own. More than having a penchant for fashion and vintage, Miro is also an entrepreneur with a good business acumen.

With her unique and avant-garde style, the free-spirited stylist took risks to go far and is now sitting on top reaping the fruits of her labor. As a stylist, some of Sami’s clients include the Kardashian/Jenner clan as well as top models and actresses. Here are lesser known facts about the celebrity stylist, model, social media influencer, and avid traveler.

Who is Sami Miro? Is She Black? Ethnicity

The San Francisco native was born Sami Carter-Oberstone on October 1, 1997, in California. She is of mixed ethnicity as she has African American, French, Cuban and Russian heritage. Growing up Sami didn’t really have the feminine touch, this was partly because she was raised by a single dad who influenced her personal style. The stylist, designer, and social media influencer always had a passion for fashion right from her high school days.

Sami, who is from an academic and business-oriented family, obtained a degree in marketing from Santa Clara University before proceeding to the University of San Francisco for a master’s degree in global entrepreneurship. After graduation, Miro got a job in a tech company where she worked in a marketing role for the tech startup. But after about four years, she ditched it to follow her passion in the creative fields.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and soon impressed many with her vintage collection and was encouraged to go into styling properly. Though Miro had little or no idea about the fashion industry or what being a stylist entailed, she decided to push her luck by throwing herself fully into the fashion world to showcase her creative side.

With little expectations, the free-spirited young lady kicked off with random styling jobs or modeling. After about a year, Miro warmed her way into the hearts of many with her vintage collection.

In April 2016, the vintage queen launched a unisex passion project, called Sami Miro Vintage in Los Angeles. The SMV brand actually doesn’t make clothes but creatively curates vintage into styling various shoots and exploits. Sami is also a model currently signed with DT Model Management.

Relationship With Zac Efron

The vintage aficionado was further thrown into the limelight when she became one half of a high-profile couple. From 2014 to 2016, she dated High School Musical actor Zac Efron. Sami and Zac first emerged as a couple in autumn 2014 and their romance blossomed into an enviable one while it lasted.

Throughout their relationship, the media only got glimpses of the pair’s special moments. Except for a few public outings where Zac and Sami were seen together, it was mostly Sami who opened up about their relationship. Unlike her ex-actor boyfriend, Sami tried not to hide anything in her life including her relationship from the limelight.

Sami Miro
Sami Miro and Zac Efron

During their two-year relationship, Efron grew from the High School Musical boy to a shirtless hunky heartthrob. The high profile couple’s romance worked so well at the time because they got to do lots of cool and adventurous stuff together. Zac was not only Miro’s beau but also her client whom she often styled and shopped with. More so, when they were not working, they were traveling around the globe together.

Sadly, after almost two years of dating, the pair split from their once blossoming relationship. Like most heartbroken exes, Zac confirmed the breakup rumors when he quickly unfollowed Miro on Instagram and Twitter, and also scrubbed off every photo of himself and the model together from his profiles. But the case was different for Sami who still has evidence of their time together on her Instagram account.

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Though the lovebirds have never officially gone public with the reasons for their split, it is believed that work schedules got in the way and maintaining a long-distance relationship may have taken its toll on them. More so, there are reports that it was Zac who wanted out of the relationship after the spark died as both parties no longer shared the same feelings for each other as was the case when they initially fell in love.

While the model and actor may no longer be a couple, they are reportedly hoping to remain friends. But whether the speculations are true or not, their fans can only wish them well and hope they find love again.

Other Interesting Facts About Sami Miro

1. The vintage queen is a yoga enthusiast who promotes a healthy lifestyle.

2. Sami is an avid traveler who has either lived in or visited several countries across the globe such as Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, France, and the Netherlands.

3. The model and expert stylist is bilingual as she speaks English and French fluently.

4. Miro is from an academic-oriented family. Her mother has a DDS degree in periodontics while her father has a masters in Engineering and a doctorate degree in business analytics. Her only brother is a lawyer who studied at Stanford.

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