Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A lot has been said about the implications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s explosion defect and eventual failure to Samsung as a company, but Samsung customers who likewise splurged on the latest and greatest phone from Samsung also went through a bit of an ordeal.

Spending hard earned money to buy a phone and gushing about it until rumors about explosions start circulating and you are kindly asked to return it pretty much sucks.

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For Samsung’s reputation to survive the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7, it must present these saddened customers with appropriate compensation and the company seems to have hit on the right plan for its loyal customers.

Samsung is said to be preparing a new compensation program for Note 7 owners, so they can either get the Galaxy S8 for free or at a discounted price. The compensation program in question will be available to only customers who exchanged their Note 7 for the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge during the first or second recall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Those customers will be able to exchange their Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge for the Galaxy S8 when it’s released next year. One Samsung spokesperson told The Korea Economic Daily (via SamMobile);

“The new compensation program is designed to make it easier for those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with existing smartphones, to shift into our next model coming next year.”

The cost of the exchanges could either be nominal or completely charge-free depending on whether a customer exchanged their Note 7 for the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge on the first or second recall.

Samsung’s Galaxy 8 is expected to launch in early March 2017 and despite this attractive compensation package, Samsung is yet to disclose detailed information on how it will mobilize the compensation program.

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There is also the little issue of delay to consider because Samsung is still investigating what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and has even tasked Galaxy S8 engineers to help out. This has apparently delayed the development of the Galaxy S8 by two weeks and may mean that Samsung may not meet the scheduled date of release.