Does Sanaa Lathan Have A Husband or Kids?

Sana Lathan does not have a husband at the moment, and has never been married. Also, she does not have any kids. 

Sanaa Lathan is a famous American actress known for her role in several award-winning comedy and action movies such as Love & Basketball, The Best Man, Brown Sugar, Alien vs Predator and many others. She has garnered a number of awards including BET Awards and Theatre World Awards for Best Actress and Best Female Lead respectively. It is also worth noting that her name, Sanaa, means Artistry.

Besides all these accolades, let’s get a little bit personal with this charming and beautiful actress and try to know her more. Let’s explore her background, personal life, and life’s philosophy.

Does Sanaa Lathan Have A Husband?

The actress seems happy being single but ready to mingle. In a recent interview with Health, the actress once said she’s not “going to be with somebody because of what it looks like.”

She opened up about her dream of having a life partner. But while that phase of her life is still underway, Lathan obviously savour her freedom with the love of family and friends in her life. According to her, “anything less than something that’s amazing is unacceptable.”

Not one to dwell of wrapped up in the fairy tale, Lathan portrayed that in the movie, Nappily Ever After. She said if there’s a partner for her out there, then she is ready to welcome him but notes that she is whole and doesn’t necessarily need somebody to make her life complete. Suffice it to say that she is not yet married and there no husband on the side.

Does She Have Any Boyfriend or Kids?

Having kids doesn’t seem to be something the actress takes very lightly. While admitting to having been on a couple of dates, there is no distinct evidence she’s in any relationship.

Lathan has been linked in high profile celebrities in the past including her Love & Basketball co-star, Omar Epp. She has been spotted out on dates with Tyrese Gibson (both in 2008 and 2014), two former NBA player, Adewale Ogunleye and Terrell Owen, Music entrepreneur, Steve Rifkind, and then pictures of her and Moroccan-American hip-hop recording artist, French Montana has at one time flooded the internet, sparking rumors of an intimate relationship.

However, one thing is clear, with or without a life partner, Sanaa Lathan will always choose herself over an unfulfilling relationship. Yet we’re still hopeful she’ll find the right man to share her life and have kids with.

Born on September 1971, in New York City, New York, Sanaa McCoy Lathan was raised by her parents along with her siblings, Tendaji Lathan. She practically grew up in a family with careers in the world of entertainment. Her father, Stan Lathan, worked behind the scenes in television for PBS as a television show producer, while her mother, Eleanor McCoy was an actress and dancer who performed on Broadways.

Moreso, her brother Tendaji Lathan is a well-known established DJ. Lathan attended and acquired a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley and went on to earn a master’s degree in drama from Yale University.

How Her Career Has Progressed

With her education, training, and qualifications in English and drama, Sanaa Lathan pursued a career in acting. She first started by performing in a number of Shakespeare plays and as she consistently earned recognition both off-Broadway and on the Los Angeles stage, she decided to move to Los Angeles fully and make it her professional base.

Once Lathan got to the home base of Hollywood, she got early TV roles in episodes of shows like Family MattersIn the HouseMoesha and NYPD Blue. It wasn’t long before her performance in To Take Arms won her a Best Actress nod from the Los Angeles NAACP Theatrical Award Committee.

By the year 1998, Lathan became popular after her role in the vampire movie, Blade, where she was cast as the mother of Wesley Snipes – the film’s lead actor. The years that followed, she was getting major roles in top movies such as, Life featuring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

In 2000, Lathan got the leading role in the romantic film, Love & Basketball. Her outstanding performance earned her a BET Award for Best Actress in 2001, as well as NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

She was cast in the lead role of 2003 movie, Alien vs. Predator that grossed over $171 million worldwide.

Sanaa Lathan

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