Meet Sandile Kubheka, SA’s Youngest To Become A Doctor

Sandile Kubheka hails from Newcastle. He is South Africa’s youngest person to become a doctor. In 2014, he was certified in the noble profession at the age of 20. The young medic works with Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

As a super smart kid, Sandile kubheka spent just 3 months in 6th grade. Seeing no need in stalling the bright student, he was unusually promoted to the 7th grade. By 15, Sandile had matriculated from Siyamukhela High School. And at 20, he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal Nelson Mandela School of Medicine. The young doctor is known for his excellence in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Sandile Kubheka

In a radio interview Sandile Kubheka confirmed that he was the first to graduate with a medical degree in his family. The youngest of five children took the medical line because he dreams to heal people who suffer HIV, tuberculosis and diabetes. Sandile also shared his potential interests in internal medicine and endocrinology, a course he considers for his Masters of Medicine degree.

Sandile Kubheka is passionate about medical/healthcare in rural and impoverished communities. Thus he helped to register the Happy Valley clinic as a non-profit. The lack in people’s health always seems to spur him to take up the challenge in making a change. The compassionate and caring young man loves volunteer works – giving free medical services to people who cannot afford it.

“In me, they see that ours is not a lost generation. This goes beyond my own achievements. It is humbling to know that people are motivated by my story.”

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But as much as this young doctor is praised for his intelligence and good work, he never fails to attribute his success so far to his mother. Emphasizing her strength and priceless efforts of his mother to see him through his education, Sandile wished her a ‘happy father’s day’ saying;

“She was a single mother to five children. My mother was also a father figure to us.”