Sanusi, Clerics Urge Buhari To Quit The Blame Game And Get To Work

The increasing downward trend of the Nigerian economy has prompted calls from former CBN Governor, Sanusi, as well as Nigerian clerics to the presidency to concentrate on helpful steps to redeem the state of living in the country.

It may not be said enough, the Nigerian economy is in shambles. The government however assures Nigerians that they are doing their best even though it does not reflect in the lives if the poor masses.

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The Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammad Sanusi II, during the Sallah celebrations, urged the government to patronize the services of economic experts at this critical point in time.

He said the government should help the people in areas of skill acquisition. This will help them have a means of sanely coping with the harsh economic condition; more so becoming self-reliant.

Sanusi acknowledged the glaring hardship faced by Nigerians on daily basis. He then requested the high class citizens in Nigeria to come to the aid of low class Nigerians.

On that note it was reported that the Kano Emir, Sanusi, purchased a 2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom which cost a whooping N132 million for the Sallah celebration. Nigerians are still unhappy with the development.

The Emir candidly requested the people to remain law-abiding even in the face of these odds. He also made reference to the importance of peace among people of all religions.

On the other hand, Clerics have also reached out to the government to quit pointing fingers at the past administration and concentrate on the way forward for Nigeria.

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“We did not vote a government to complain about yesterday, if we wanted yesterday the new government would not be there. It is really about taking responsibility.”

“No matter how much you praise or abuse Jonathan, he is not the President of Nigeria (now). I think people must understand that you took power to solve problems not to agonize.”

“As the head of a family, no matter how bad things are: no food in the house; you as a father cannot enter the house crying.”– Rev. Kukah

Kukah also said it was in order for justice to be served for guilty past officials. However the topmost priority at this time is the hunger and hardship in Nigeria.