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Sarah Barthel is an American rock artist, keyboardist and one of the Greenwich-originated electronic music duo, Phantogram (formerly called Charlie Everywhere). Although Barthel is a successful singer in her own right, she is best known for her long-time relationship with professional snowboarder, skateboarder, and three-time Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White. White is also a musician and plays the guitar in Bad Things, an electronic rock band of Singaporean origin.

Before striking gold, Barthel and her band mate Josh Carter have been friends since their junior high school days and in 2007, they began pooling their efforts in writing songs. Before Phantogram kicked off, Barthel tried her hands on a degree in Visual Arts, but couldn’t find the required vibe to continue. A dropout, huh? Well, not yet! Read on.

Sarah Barthel’s Bio, Age

Sarah Demarest Barthel was born in Greenwich, New York, on February 17, 1983, to the family of Bruce Barthel and Claire Demarest. Although we have no handle on her early education, we know she attended Champlain College, Vermont, where she majored in visual arts. However, in 2007, she dropped out to pursue a career in music.

On her return home, she ran into her high school friend, Josh Carter, who was with the Grand Habit band at the time. After leaving Grand Habit, Carter, with the help of his brother, John, formed an experimental band. Barthel joined to help fine-tune some of Carter’s earliest songs. They soon named their small band Charlie Everywhere. They began performing at live shows around the Saratoga Springs area and started recording songs; releasing two EPs, Charlie Everywhere EP 1 and 2, from the local label Sub-Bombin Records.


She and her elder sister, Rebecca Claire Barthel, were raised and spent much of their formative years in Greenwich. But her sister battled depression for a long time and eventually committed suicide in January 2016. Sarah Barthel continues to share her regret for not doing enough to help manage her sister’s struggle with depression. She calls Rebecca her hero.

Sarah Barthel’s Career

In January of 2009, Carter and Barthel signed a record deal with a UK label by the name, Barely Breaking Even. It was within this period Charlie Everywhere became Phantogram. In May of that year, the band dropped their eponymous debut EP, it was followed by their next EP, Running From the Cops, from Barely Breaking Even. Later in September, Phantogram released their first album Eyelid Movies by the UK-based label, Barely Breaking Even.

It was soon followed by US release from Barsuk in February of 2010. Eyelid Movies received favorable reviews and ranked No.7 on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. Nevertheless, it was their single Fall in Love from their second album, Voices (2014) that brought Phantogram to the limelight. What followed was an explosive fan base and a Gold certification by RIAA in September 2017. The album debuted at No.11 on ‘Billboard 200’ and No.3 on ‘Top Rock Albums.’

Net Worth

Although it’s not clear how much Sarah Barthel earns today,, however, put her net worth at over $3 million. While that’s not small cheese, it’s quickly dwarfed by her partner’s $40 million fortune. Shaun White was the wealthiest of the U.S. Olympians who competed in the winter games in 2018.

Other Interesting Facts About Shaun White’s Wife

1.Barthel Met White Backstage

Seeing their thriving relationship that’s born the pressure of negative publicity lately, one would think Sarah Barthel and Shaun White met in a romantic setting and all that. Nah…they met at work; backstage on a Saturday Night Live show back in 2013. Barthel was based in Brooklyn at the time, while White was reportedly house-hunting in New York. However, as things got steamier, the two eventually relocated and now cohabit in Los Angeles. So far, we’ve neither heard wedding bells ring nor have we heard a baby cry out of their home.

Sarah Barthel
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Sarah Barthel and her partner, Shaun

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2. She Lost Her Only Sister in 2016

The Barthel family had reasons to mourn in January 2016 when their first daughter, Rebecca Claire Barthel, suddenly took her own life. Becky had long suffered from depression and anxiety her entire life. She also resorted to alcohol to keep up. It wouldn’t be her first attempt at suicide. White immediately flew over from Switzerland on hearing the tragic news. Plus, Sarah Barthel’s close friend, Miley Cyrus, helped her get through the dark period following Becky’s death.

3. Her Dog, Leroy, Has His Own Instagram Account

Yes, Leroy’s first Instagram post was a viral video posted on April 16, 2015. Since then, The Yorkshire Terrier mix has his own Instagram page, with over 25,000 followers.

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