Chronicling The Growth of Sarah Forgany’s Interesting Career as a Journalist and Her Marriage

Following her strong passion for learning as well as her great determination for success, Sarah Forgany has made a name for herself in her chosen profession. Aided by a keen interest in reporting credible stories, the reporter has climbed through ranks to establish herself as one of the most proficient journalists in America.

In the course of her flourishing career, Sarah has visited more than 25 countries; gathering reports and equally covering several national and foreign stories including the catastrophic earthquake that happened in Haiti. She has equally moderated heated political debates and has conducted exclusive interviews with celebrated figures such as Bobby Jindal, the 55th Governor of Louisiana, and Bill Clinton.

The award-winning journalist is presently associated with KENS 5 San Antonio, Texas, as a morning anchor, and she has kept the flag flying. Whether covering breaking news stories or human interest angles, Forgany is that credible personality that many Texans find reassuring no matter how bleak the world gets.

Her Early Days as a Reporter in Houston and Louisiana

Before kicking off her journalism career, Forgany previously worked in the television industry. There, she acquired worthwhile experience, having carried out production and editorial works along with gaining background knowledge on reporting and anchoring. The University of Houston alum subsequently landed her first journalistic gig at News24Houston and later joined KTRK, an ABC-affiliate station.

Forgany further moved to KLFY-TV in Lafayette and there, she worked as a weekend anchor as well as a reporter. The talented lady spent several years in Lafayette during which she provided excellent anchorage and reportage on many stories including Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, a carnival celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. She also conducted exclusive interviews with many notable political personalities during her time there including the 55th Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, and former American president Bill Clinton.

Forgany was also on ground to bring details of the devastating Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which struck several parts of America and Cuba between August and September 2008, to the people. She then traveled to the island country of Haiti in 2010 following the horrific earthquake that struck it. In Haiti, Forgany witnessed first-hand the destruction as well as the incredible resilience of volunteers who were helping the clean-up and rebuilding efforts. All these she duly reported back to the people of Lafayette.

Sarah Forgany
Sarah broadcasting from home during the covid-19 pandemic: Image Source

One of the Star Anchors at Ken 5 San Antonio

Following her strong passion for storytelling and providing brilliant reportage, Sarah Forgany became a member of KENS 5 in 2010. The skillful journalist has been there for about a decade now and in that time, she has grown to become part and parcel of the San Antonio society. This is due to her excellent journalism work that can easily be seen on the morning program which she co-anchors alongside some other personalities. Sarah also occasionally steps out of the studio to do other notable assignments.

One of these notable assignments was moderating the heated debate between Republican incumbent senator, Ted Cruz, and Democratic hopeful, Beto O’Rourke, in October 2018. Forgany has also provided updates on the potential fallouts of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall along the Mexican border. In her February 2018 report, she drove down to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge to speak with residents and environmentalists who fear that the wall will impede migration patterns as well as the diverse wildlife and plant life there. Forgany also interviewed some residents who want the wall, due to the activities of drug smugglers, but hope that it would be done in such a way that the subtropical forest will be protected.

Sarah Forgany
With late fellow anchor, Fred Lozano: Image Source

Another thing that has endeared Sarah Forgany to the populace is her charity drives to benefit the community. For instance, in December 2019, the anchor joined hands with legendary singer, Raulito Naivara, to raise money for the Salvation Army. They spent two hours at a Walmart outlet by Brooks City Base and were able to collect a combined $500 in their red kettles. Things like this and more have made Forgany a beloved figure in San Antonio and all this outpouring of love has made her pitch her tent with the city for the long run.

There have been some hiccups on the way though. The anchor has had to deal with the heartbreak of colleagues suffering from serious health challenges. Additionally, in February 2016, she lost her beloved co-anchor named Fred Lozano. Even though Lozano was much older than Sarah, they established a genuine friendship that they sustained even after he had retired. All these made the lady take the news of his death from leukemia quite hard and she later went on air to pay tribute to his legacy.

Sarah Forgany is the Recipient of at least Four Associated Press Awards

In a flourishing career spanning two decades, the brilliant reporter has traveled to several countries such as Germany, France, and Australia, to cover stories. Such tenacity has not gone unnoticed and she has bagged several accolades including four awards from Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Radio and TV contest. Furthermore, Sarah Forgany was also nominated for an award at the 2019 edition of the Lone Star Emmy awards. The ceremony recognizes the best journalistic talents in the state of Texas and Forgany nabbed a nomination in the general assignment report category for a report titled A New Beginning: Life after Destruction.

She and Her Husband Love Travelling and Discovering New Places

It is a commonly known fact that Sarah Forgany is happily married to a man named Jesse Castillo. It has however been hard finding any details on her man or how they met and commenced a relationship. What we do know is that they may have been brought together as a result of their shared passion for traveling and experiencing new places.

Another fact that one can decipher about the couple is that Jesse is a very romantic guy who went all out during the engagement. As the story has it, Forgany was still lying in bed one day when she heard a knock on her front door. She opened up only to see her beau handsomely dressed in a suit and holding roses and a diamond ring.

Sarah Forgany
Sarah Forgany and her husband, Jesse Castillo

The anchor did not require a soothsayer to tell her what was going on and she promptly burst into tears and accepted the proposal. A few weeks later, the lovebirds solemnized their union, as they couldn’t wait longer to begin spending the rest of their lives together. It was a small wedding ceremony that had about 24 guests in attendance and was held on a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on January 5th, 2019.

True to their love for traveling and seeing new places, Forgany and her husband had an adventurous honeymoon that took them to three countries. The first place was Iceland where they visited Game of Thrones filming locations and also experienced the magical Blue Ice Caves. Next stop for the couple was the east African country of Uganda where they saw rare mountain gorillas in the wild and also hiked the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest. The two lovebirds then capped things off in yet another African country, Rwanda, where they visited the Volcanoes National Park as well as the capital city of Kigali.


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