The Fun Things Sarah Kohan Does For a Living, Her Rise to Fame and All About Her Marriage

Simply put, Sarah Kohan is one lady who is living the life that most ordinary folks dream of. As a travel blogger, the Aussie beauty gets to travel to some of the most exquisite and exotic locations in the world, spending time and taking photos with sea and land animals alike. She subsequently shares the incredible pictures with her followers on Instagram, thus solidifying her status as an influencer on the platform.

Away from Instagram, Sarah has also made a name as the better half of Mexican football star, Javier Hernandez. She and Hernandez tied the knot in 2019 and have been giving us couples goals on Instagram ever since then. They have however remained quite stingy with regards to details of their meet-cute thus keeping their mutual fans guessing.

Sarah Kohan Had an Idyllic Childhood on the Sandy Beaches of Sydney

Sarah Kohan was born on the 6th of March 1994 in Sydney, Australia. There is not an abundance of details about her family background. It is however known that she has dual Australian and Romanian citizenship, implying that at least one of her parents is from the Balkans country. The media personality has also stated that her father is a surgeon and that she has a much-loved brother.

Sarah grew up in Sydney and spent most of her free time exploring the city’s famous beaches. This inspired a love for nature and adventure and this was further deepened after her father took her for diving on the island nation of Vanuatu when she was 12 years old. The whole experience instilled in the little girl a taste for globetrotting and she would later come to make that her career.

Rising to Fame as a Travel Blogger on Instagram

Sarah Kohan sustained her passion for traveling and wildlife all throughout her teen years. She subsequently decided to share her experiences with the rest of the world by opening her Instagram account in December 2016. Using the handle @moonstrucktraveller, the Sydney native shared pictures of herself in places such as Japan, the Bahamas, Tonga, Kauai, Bora Bora, Maldives, and Hawaii. These pictures often featured her doing fearless stuff such as swimming with sharks, diving with humpback whales, and feeding iguanas.

Predictably, these pictures proved to be a big hit with the online community and fetched Sarah thousands of followers. From 20,000, the Aussie has been able to grow her fan base to about 1.5 million. She has also scored some sponsorship deals with hotels that provide her with free lodging in exchange for promoting their brand. Some of the hotels she has worked with include the Four Seasons in Maui and the Ritz Carlton in Laguna.

Despite her globetrotting, Sarah Kohan still finds time for her studies and is doing quite well at it. She initially wanted to be a doctor but later switched to law. She subsequently did exchange courses at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Columbia University before completing her law degree at Notre Dame in 2018. Kohan specialized in international criminal law and hopes to work for the International Criminal Court in The Hague someday.

Kohan’s Modelling Work for Swimwear and Lingerie Brands

It is not just travel-vlogs that have fuelled Sarah Kohan’s rise on Instagram. Another factor that has contributed to this is her stunning looks which she generously shows off in her pictures as well.

The hottie has a curvy and slim body measuring 32-25-32. She also has a moderate height of 5 feet 6 inches and her hair color is bleached blonde. All these features have successfully meshed together into one exquisite package and Kohan has no qualms showing this off. Sarah, who once stated that being nude is one of her favorite things, has posed nude with animals and foods alike.

Such types of pictures have left her fans gasping for more and in October 2018, she further sizzled up things by posting a photo of herself standing in front of the iconic St Pauls Cathedral London with the wind blowing her dress well above her unclad bottom. Stunts like this and more have made Sarah Kohan an influencer and she has gone ahead to work for various clothing, swimwear, and lingerie brands.

Some of the brands she has worked with are KAOHS Swim and Frankies Bikinis. She also walked the runway during the Miami Swim Week of 2017 and is a partner of the global fashion brand, Fashionnova.

Sarah has meanwhile revealed that maintaining her looks can be a struggle due to the fact that she is always on the move and loves trying out all the local foods that come her way. She however circumvents this by trying out the different fitness clubs all over the world. They include Barry Bootcamp Miami and KO Box in London. She also does a lot of running, cardio as well as workouts with resistance bands.

Sarah Kohan’s Football Star Husband

Sarah Kohan surely has many admirers on her page but she only has eyes for one man, her husband Javier Hernandez. Popularly known as Chicharito, Hernandez was born on the 1st day of June 1988 in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. He started playing football at the age of nine for the youth club of his hometown. He subsequently became a part of the club at the age of 18 and spent four years with them during which he scored 26 goals.

Hernandez left his motherland in 2010 and has since played for top European sides such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Leverkusen, West Ham, and Sevilla. The striker has won several trophies along the way, including the 2010 English Premier League title. He has also represented his country at several tournaments, including three World Cup tournaments (2010, 2014 and 2018). Chicharito further holds the record as Mexico’s highest goal scorer with not less than 52 goals.

The Couple Have Since Started a Family

While it is not exactly known where and how Sarah Kohan and Javier Hernandez ran into each other, they were first spotted together in July 2018, hanging out in Miami. The Instagram model has also stated that she had no idea who Hernandez was when she met him and was initially attracted to him because of his blonde hair.

That initial attraction morphed into a relationship and the couple has been going steady since then. They tied the knot in Chula Vista, California, in March 2019. Their wedding was quite hush-hush as no details about it were released. The world only got to know about it after Sarah casually mentioned it in a comment online.

Sarah and her man make their home in California, USA where he plays for the MLS side, L.A. Galaxy. The couple is really enjoying marital bliss going by their loved-up posts on Instagram. Their happiness has also been multiplied with the arrival of children. They welcomed their first child, a son named Noah, on the 16th of June 2019. They are also set to welcome a second child in September 2020.


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