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Traveling, for some is an exhilarating activity while for a few, it is tiring. Whichever category you belong to, you are the judge. While you decide on your verdict, let us tell you about Sarah Kohan, a lady who turned her traveling hobby into a career. Perhaps, you might reconsider in favor of traveling hobbyist.

Sarah may not be one of the most popular celebrities you know, even with her several videos and pictures on social media. But again, you might get to ask where you have been all this while by the time you have gone through the paragraphs below which tells the story of her background, career, family life and every other fact we were able to gather about her.

Sarah Kohan – Biography (Age)

The adventurous beauty, Sarah Kohan was born on the 6th of March, 1994 in Sydney Australia. Despite being famed as a media personality and social media influencer, Sarah has largely maintained a low profile. There are no available details regarding her early years, parents as well as her siblings. She is an Australian by nationality with Romanian family roots.

As for her education, sources say that Sarah attended the prestigious Harvard University. Other than that, there are neither details of the course she studied nor details of her high school days.

Sarah Kohan as a child was quite adventurous and often times explored her surroundings. Little wonder, while as a college student, she was always traveling and exploring the globe. She revealed in an interview with Women Health in August 2017 that her career as a travel blogger kicked off properly in October 2016.

She made several pictures as well as videos of her exciting moments while on a holiday at Tonga and posted all her encounters on social media. In one of those pictures, was her attempt to get close to a whale while free diving, the picture in every essence exuded the relationship between nature and humans. Following the positive comments she got from her fans after the uploads, she decided to make a career out of her hobby, traveling.

Her first video on her Instagram handle saw her followers skyrocket drastically. As a solo traveler, she started taking several trips, enjoying the beauty of nature. She has explored places like Cook Islands, Bora Bora, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Europe, South America London, France, Thailand, and Maui.

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Prior to the period she found passion as a solo traveler, Sarah Kohan worked for several brands like Kaohs, and Frankie. As of the now, the travel blogger also makes extra incomes promoting multiple brands.


Sarah Kohan
Couple goals; Sarah Kohan and Javier

When it comes to the solo traveler’s immediate family, sadly, there is sparse information regarding them. However, Sarah Kohan has always publicized her relationship with the handsome Mexican guy, Javier Hernandez popularly called Chicharito. He is a footballer who once played for Machester United but is now a player for West Ham United, both clubs are in England.

The footballer was born on the 1st of June 1998 in  Mexico with the birth name, Javier Hernández Balcázar. He is quite successful with his career and currently sits on a net worth of $17 million. He once dated actress Andrea Duo before meeting Sarah Kohan.

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There are not many details on how Javier and Sarah became an item, however, their love is said to be worth emulating. They were first spotted together sometime in July 2018 when they were sharing cozy moments in Maimi Beach. The lovey-dovey couple has recently pulled their relationship off the spotlight.

While speculations sprung up that they had split, they publicly revealed that they had a secret wedding in the United States of America in 2018, pulling a huge surprise on most of their fans. More recently, Sarah Kohan revealed that she was with a child. She even went ahead to upload the sonogram of the baby revealing the gender of the child. Months later, they welcomed their baby boy into their home.

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Body Measurements (Height)

When it comes to Sarah’s body physique, we can boast that she is such a glamour! Sarah Kohan who stands at 5 feet 6 inches always looks perfect in most of her pictures. She is yet to reveal the other details of her body measurements, however, like always, we certainly would do update any time we lay hold on them.

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