Sarah Marshall – Everything To Know About Matt Ryan’s Wife

Matt Ryan is well known as an athlete of fine repute who plies his trade with the Atlanta Falcons where he has maintained the position of a quarterback. Despite the forgoing, not many know that his better half Sarah Marshall is a multi-sport athlete from way back in school when she distinguished herself as an equally fine sportswoman with her involvement in three sports.

Despite the fact that her husband seems to be much more renowned in the world of sports, the exquisite lady still maintains her passion for sports which she now displays through her unflinching support for her husband and his many achievements as well as the endorsements that she has been a part of. She has always been devoted to basketball both as a player in college and as a professional with WNBA’s Atlanta Dream.

Sarah Marshall’s Biography

The athlete born into the home of John and Susan Marshall on the 23rd of July, 1985 in Portland, Maine. She is one of the four daughters of her parents and grew up within that sisterhood relationship having a very close bond with her sisters whose names are; Abby, Maggie, and Anna who is the last child of the family.

Sarah had her high school education at Catherine McAuley, Falmouth, Maine. Her stay at the school was marked by her excellent performance in sports as she was a three-sport athlete who played basketball, soccer, and ran track. After high school, then pushed forward towards college and got enrolled at Boston College.

Keeping up with the athletic spirit, Sarah Marshall got involved yet again in sports and was quite impressive at it having honed her skills from high school. The blessings that came with studying at Boston College didn’t end at athletics or studies, she also met her lifetime partner, Matt Ryan during their freshman year.

Everything to Know about Matt Ryan’s Wife


Just like her husband, Matt Ryan, Sarah Marshall also shares a unique interest in sports though with a difference in the sporting activity. She has always been an athlete right from her high school days when she was a three-sport athlete. She played basketball, soccer and was also involved in running track. She was named MVP twice in her high school basketball career and was also named her school’s all-time leading scorer.

Marshall was quite pleased with her performance in high school and therefore took it a notch higher to high school. At Boston University, she started off with the basketball team as a point guard for three seasons and was quite sensational. She was decorated for her illustrious efforts as she was honored as second in Eagle’s history for assists. Her moment with the Eagles ended when she graduated with the 2007 class.

Keeping the dream alive, Sarah Marshall Ryan was hired as the sponsorship Sales Consultant for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. Her appointment came from her illustrious effort in college where she played at an elite level. Prior to this position, Sarah Marshall had worked in administrative roles for companies in New York and Atlanta.

Marriage and Children

Sarah MarshallSarah Marshall and Matt Ryan met in college during their freshman year at Boston College. She was a communications major while Ryan was active on the basketball team and later the football team. They both graduated with the 2007 class and soon after, Matt Ryan joined the Atlanta Falcons.

After a long dating period, the duo got engaged in 2010, then got married on the 8th of April, 2011 after which they both focused all of their time on their individual careers and did not have any kid. hey stayed quite a long while with no kids as they were quite focused on their careers. This lasted until 20018 when they announced the arrival of their twin sons Marshall and John.

Sarah Marshall’s Husband Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan was quite a sensational athlete during his early years as he was involved in football, basketball, and baseball during his high school moments at William Penn Charter school at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He captained his team in the three sports and was quite impressive too. Moving over to Boston College, he showed more interest in football and began to make his way through an NFL dream path.

He played the quarterback role and completed 24 of 51 passes for 200 yards. He was also impressive in academics as he was decorated with the honor of 2004 freshman Male Scholar-Athlete in addition to the many honors he received for excellence in his academics too. His career in NFL started in 2008 when he signed a deal on a 6-year agreement with Atlanta Falcons. His records as a pro have been quite impressive and he has been rewarded financially as he has a net worth of $85 million.

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