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Sarah Spivey is a popular American television meteorologist and television host, famously known for her excellent performances when it comes to the weather forecast. She is currently working as a weather news anchor for ‘KSAT-TV’ in San Antonio, Texas. Asides being a weather reporter, she is also a musician and also runs a YouTube channel where she shares short video clips of her songs. In addition, Sarah is also a human activist who specializes in helping people with hearing defect. Read on, to find out other interesting facts about her.

Sarah Spivey Biography (Age)

Sarah Spivey has evidently been proving her broadcasting skills ever since she ventured into journalism. She has fed so many ears with different weather news and updates going around the globe but has been tight-lipped about the very details pertaining to her background, early life and family. She is yet to dispense the information regarding her birth to anyone, to the best of our knowledge, these facts still remain a mystery.

Originally from Texas, Sarah loved watching Harry Potter. She was a child who loved mystery and solving them. She wasn’t an only child as she had a sister named Kaylee. Spivey was born with a congenital hearing defect which affected her hearing capabilities. Sadly, she underwent several corrective surgeries to align the missing bone in her ear but it never helped to regain her hearing abilities.

As a result of her hearing defects, Sarah was subjected to several kinds of rejection. Then, she found closure with music and began to explore her singing skills to help her overcome her pain and fears. She even performed at the Good Vibrations Music Art Festival. Also, the weather reporter became a human activist and has been reaching out to a lot of children out there who suffers from hearing disorders. It wasn’t up until the year 2017, that the meteorologist could successfully purchase her own hearing aid.


Sarah Spivey
Sarah Spivey performing on one of many uploaded videos on YouTube.

Inasmuch as Sarah had a flair for the art world, similarly, she also developed an interest in science. While as a student at Clark High School, she maintained her status as a brainiac and later discovered that she loved the atmosphere and was keen with weather processes and forecasting. So, she decided to synergize arts and science and then, decided to study meteorology forming it into a career. Eventually, she acquired a bachelor’s degree in that light from Texas A&M University in 2015.

Spivey first exposure to the screens happened while she was still a college student. Her smartness was one attribute she used in managing effectively her academics and simultaneously running an internship at KBTX. After graduating, she moved on to work at North Texas and Southern Oklahoma before relocating back to her hometown, where she currently works and reside. The year 2017 became the opening of a new dawn to Sarah Spivey’s career. She bagged a job at KSAT TV starting out as the station’s meteorologist. There, she helps with weather segments as well as forecasting.

Apart from her skills as a weather forecaster, Sarah Spivey often times create video segments in which contains several discoveries of favorite places in Texas. A video clip she named Texas Travelin.

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Is She Married, Who is The Husband?

Beautiful Sarah is taken off the hooks of singlehood. Although she is yet to be married, her relationship with a man named Michael is said to have blossomed through the years. The exact details of how they met and the period of their dating is not known.

Even though the name of her partner got out, Sarah Spivey has kept her relationship under the radar. The two are barely seen together and has dwelled in secrecy. Also, her social media pages do not contain very much details about their relationship.

Sarah Spivey’s Height

When it comes to beauty, the weather lady is endowed. She is blonde with sparkling green eyes and full sumptuous lips. Her slightly touched makeup face actually hints that she is a natural beauty. Though slim, her curvaceous body physique is not hidden, she has a full rounded breast and an hourglass shape.

Well, it is not only her body physique that could charm anyone, however, her voice on air could also melt the heart. Sadly, there are no particular details regarding her body measurements (height, weight, chest, hips, bust sizes) but it is quite evident that Sarah sure has good looks.

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