Who is Sarah Spivey and how did She Become a Prominent Meteorologist?

Multi-talented and with a heart of gold; this is the description that perfectly describes American television meteorologist and television host, Sarah Spivey. Famously known for her detailed narration when it comes to the weather forecast, Sarah is currently working as a weather news anchor for ‘KSAT-TV’ in San Antonio, Texas.

Asides being a weather reporter, Sarah is also a gifted musician and often shares short video clips of her performances online. In addition, she is equally a tireless advocate who is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life people with hearing defects face. It’s a condition that she has suffered from but has been able to overcome.

Her Early Life in San Antonio, Texas

Sarah Spivey has been proving her broadcasting skills ever since she ventured into journalism. She has fed so many ears with different weather news and updates going on but has been tight-lipped about crucial details pertaining to her background, early life, and family. What is however known is that she has parents who have supported her every step of the way as well as a sister named Kaylee.

Originally from Texas, Sarah spent her formative years in Dallas and then San Antonio. As a child, she had love for theatre as well as public performances. She also cherished various weather elements, such as snow, but never really thought of becoming a weatherwoman. In fact, Sarah had no clear idea of what career path to follow. It was during her senior year at Clark High School that her mom suggested to her that she should look into options that could combine her love for performance and weather. She did her research and the obvious option that came up was meteorology.

Going from College Intern to Fulltime Meteorologist

Having decided on her future course of study, Sarah Spivey sought for a school that would not only give her the best training but also provide the opportunity for her to actually witness incredible weather elements. She found this perfect combination at Texas A&M University and joined the institution around 2012. Sarah spent about three years at Texas A&M during which she soaked up all she could from her professors and researchers. Her course heavily dealt with maths and sciences, rather than broadcasting, but she was able to stick it out and graduate in flying colors.

Spivey’s first appearance on screen happened while she was still a college student. Her smartness was one attribute she used in effectively managing her academics and simultaneously running an internship at KBTX. After graduating, the San Antonio native landed her first real job at an NBC-affiliated station known as KTEN. KTEN served audiences from North Texas to Southern Oklahoma and Spivey delivered reliable weather forecasts to thousands of viewers each day. Her reports helped locals to plan their day accordingly. It also helped them prepare for extreme weather conditions and this made her a trusted and loved weatherwoman.

The Challenges She has Encountered at KSAT

In the year 2017, Sarah Spivey bagged a job at KSAT TV in San Antonio. The A&M alum was quite happy with this gig as it meant that she could return to her home city. Her joy also stemmed from the fact that it signified bigger and better opportunities for her in her career. Spivey primarily serves as the weekend morning meteorologist for KSAT. She also helps to produce weather segments on weekday nights and has been tapped to fill in as a reporter on some occasionS.

Boasting of an unbeatable knowledge/expertise as well as a quirky sense of humor, Sarah Spivey has grown to become a well-known and well-loved figure in San Antonio. She gets recognized everywhere she goes and has been profiled by local magazines. She has also been invited as a guest on several podcasts.

It has however not been all rosy for Sarah as she has encountered some unsavory stuff in the course of her work. She gets many nasty emails from faceless persons. She also gets mean-spirited comments online, such as ‘her voice is annoying’ or ‘that she needs to get the services of a stylist and on one occasion, a person berated her for wearing a sleeveless dress on an Easter Sunday. Sarah tries to ignore this mean-spiritedness as humans will always be humans and she can’t do much to help them.

Her Fundraising Efforts for Those Born with Hearing Defects

Sarah Spivey
Spidey performing at the Good Vibrations Music and Art Festival in September 2018: Image Source

As a child, Sarah Spivey was born with a congenital hearing defect known as cholesteatoma. This affected her hearing capabilities and she underwent several corrective surgeries to align the missing bone in her ear, all to no avail. She subsequently became hard of hearing and as a result, was subjected to several kinds of rejection.

The young Sarah took solace in music and used her singing skills to help overcome her pain and fears. She was thus able to adapt and cope with her hearing difficulties for several years but they was always something missing. That something was finally rectified after she got a perfectly-suited hearing aid in early 2018.

The aid has helped to improve Sarah’s quality of life immeasurably and she is determined to pay it forward. The KSAT meteorologist advocates for donations to organizations such as Aid The Silent (which helps provide financial assistance to deaf and hard of hearing teens). She also performed at the Good Vibrations Music and Art Festival in September 2018. The festival featured singers that are hard of hearing and all proceeds went to Aid The Silent.

Enjoying Marital Bliss with Her Husband

Given that she is gorgeous and knows her onions very well, Sarah Spivey naturally has many admirers. She is however not retuning any of this admiration for any time in the foreseeable future as she is happily married to her boyfriend named Michael Bringardner. Sarah and Michael first met at a New Year’s Eve party in Austin in 2014. They became good friends and eventually turned romantic around 2018. The couple dated for a little over a year before Michael popped the question at their favorite bar, with their favorite song playing overhead, in September 2019. Sarah said yes and the duo later celebrated with friends and family at an after-party.

Sarah Spivey
Sarah and Michael: Image Source

Sarah and Michael are now husband and wife after tying the knot in January 2020. There are not many details about their nuptials but the KSAT weatherwoman did mention they got married during her turn on the Building Something out of Nothing Podcast in February 2020. In July 2020, Sarah and her husband appeared on an episode of KSAT Explains, a weekly streaming series focusing on the biggest issues facing San Antonio and South Texas. In the course of the show, Michael, who is a barista, revealed how to make the perfect cup of coffee and also shared tips and tricks of the coffee trade.


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