Sarah Vivan
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Sarah Vivan is an American radio host with Asian roots. She has worked alongside DJ Drama and Don Cannon as an On-air personality (OAP) on SiriusXM, where she hosts her show, Shade 45 – The Streetz is Watching. Though she leads a decent career as an avid on-air personality (OAP), what actually brought her to the floodlight was her engagement to the father of her son, the renowned rapper and hip-hop singer, Lil Wayne.

Sarah Vivan – Biography

Sarah Vivian was birthed on the 17th day of August 1987. Her birthplace is Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father’s name is Jammie Ballew, and mother is Christina Tran. She was not the only child of her parents, as they gave birth to two other daughters with whom Sarah Vivan grew up with in Cincinnati. They are Elizabeth, and Jayde Mauldin. Her roots can be traced to Vietnam.

After high school, Sarah Vivan nursed the ambition of becoming a stylist. She never had any inkling of becoming a Radio Personality. She first enrolled in the University of Cincinnati, where she studied fashion, so as to become a stylist. Vivian was there through 2005-2007. While in college, Vivian seemed to have lost her zeal for the fashion career and after seeking advice from a couple of friends, she decided to start a career in Radio. She then proceeded to study Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology, at the Atlanta Broadcasting Institute.

After her education, Sarah Vivian first worked with Clear Channel Outdoor Global as an intern. She stayed with them for a duration of 8 months between 2011 and 2012. After that, she went to iHeartMedia, where she worked as their programming assistant for a few months. From there, she proceeded to become an On-air personality at Street 94.5 FM. In 2015, she started hosting a show: Shade 45 – Street is Watching, on SiriusXM. In 2018, Sarah Vivian became a director of partnership at Get Engaged Media.

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Sarah Vivan
Sarah Vivan with her children- Essence and Dwayne Carter III – Instagram

Sarah Vivian became famous after she gave birth to Lil Wayne’s eldest son, Dwayne Michael Carter III, in 2008. Prior to the junior Carter, Sarah had already given birth to her first child and daughter, Essence Vivian, in 2005, though, the name of the biological father of her girl is still a secret. On the other hand, Lil Wayne already had his first daughter, in 1998, with his first marriage to Anthonia Wright. Their marriage produced a child named Regina Carter.

Sarah Vivian met Lil Wayne in a club where she was celebrating her birthday in 2005. It so happened that Lil Wayne was also in the same club for an after-party celebration after a concert. Subsequently, they began dating. The pair got engaged in 2007 but unfortunately, they parted ways, regardless, they still co-parent their child and are good friends.

Facts About Dwayne Carter III’s Mother

Her net worth

Sarah Vivian has had a successful career and it’s believed she should be earning a decent income. Her worth is estimated within the range of thousands of dollars. According to some sources from the web, an OAP of SiriusXM earns a salary that ranges from $85,937 to $93,812 while a director of Get Engaged earns a salary between $44K and $104K. She has over 83k plus followers on Instagram, a possible money-making platform for her.

Her Son’s step-siblings

As stated earlier, her son Dwayne aka Lil Tuney as he is fondly called by his family has step-siblings. They are Lil Wayne’s first daughter, Regina Carter, born in 1998, by his first wife, Anthonia Wright aka Toya; Cameron Carter by Lauren London and Neal Carter birthed by Nivea.

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As An OAP She Is Passionate About Her Job

One of the major reason Sarah Vivian got into radio was her flair for talking. When she got bored being a stylist her friends had adviced her based on the fact that they observed her flair for talking and eloquence. She’s quite an extrovert and can talk for hours.

Her Height and Physique

Sarah Vivian’s height, weight, and other body measurements may not be public knowledge as at this moment, it definitely does not rule out her smoky hot body. The mother of two has got some voluptuous body with a few nice tattoos gracing her skin from her shoulder to breast to hands among other body parts.

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