Sarah Williams – Bio, Everything To Know About Joel Mchale Wife

It is almost impossible for celebrities to stay under the radar as they are – most often than not – inevitably noticed. However, this doesn’t totally mean that there are some who haven’t maintained a low profile. A typical example is Sarah Williams, wife of Joel McHale. She has been married to the renowned actor for over two decades and counting but has remained a mystery.

Sarah has successfully slipped most of her details into a locked box. In fact, apart from her pictures flooding her timelines, there is a handful piece of available information about her. Nonetheless, we have been able to gather the most relevant facts about her in the article.

Sarah Williams’ Biography

The case of misidentifying personalities for many sites has become a thing of ease, as many have found difficulty with scrutinizing some facts. However, AnswersAfrica has gained perfection with differentiating each personality with its true facts. Just like our glam of today, Sarah Williams, wife of Joel McHale, has gotten most facts about her misplaced. She is often mistaken with the American voice actress, Sarah Anne Williams.

Sarah Anne Williams is an Indian, known for her voice contributions in various video games, advertisement as well as audiobooks. She has gathered a few awards to herself and has excelled as an entertainer.

Moreso, the actress’s date of birth, family details and more are not yet available for public consumption, but Sarah Williams, the actor’s wife joined the population of the earth on the 10th of August, 1970. Her father died when she was a child while her mother, Sally Williams, though aged, is still alive and kicking. She has an older brother named Richard Williams.

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Here’s Everything To Know About Joel Mchale Wife


Sadly, details of Sarah Williams educational institutes are nowhere near the records, however, we believe she attended one of the most prestigious schools in her time. Though not a big talker, her organized captions on most of her uploads depict that of an intelligent being.


In as much as there are little or no details as regarding Sarah Williams occupation, we wouldn’t neglect the fact that being a mom and a loving wife could be a job on its own. Her husband, on countless occasions, has referred to her as one of the most calculated and loving persons he has ever met. In fact, he describes her perfectly as a super mom.

Sarah Williams’ Love Life

Sarah Williams
Joel McHale and Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams met and fell in love with her then-boyfriend John McHale in 1995. Theirs was a tale of love at first sight. Interestingly, John asked the permission of one of her friends before eventually asking her out.

They subsequently dated for a year before tying the knot on the 20th of July 1996. Sadly, there are no many details regarding their wedding ceremony. But, ever since their union, they have lived peacefully with no scandal or controversies and have been twinning at most red carpet events.

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Few years after Sarah and Joel’s union, they welcomed their first son, Edward Roy McHale. While rejoicing at the birth of their son, it was realized that Edward had a congenital malformity. He was born with two large holes in his heart. Fortunately, after undergoing open heart surgery, Edward is currently hale and hearty.

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The exact date the couple welcomed their second son, Isaac Hayden McHale is not known, however, he is said to be about three years younger than their first child. Furthermore, both of their kids are dyslexic. The family currently lives in their home at Hollywood Hills, California.

Sarah Williams’ Body Measurements

Sarah Williams is said to be Kate Hudson’s look alike. A particular picture of hers on Instagram caught the attention of most of her fans who thought it was Kate. Sarah Williams is a beautiful woman with a slim curvy lady and one who has a taste for class. She wears the perfect makeup and either has her hair in a bun or down on shoulders. Though her exact body measurements are yet to be compiled, Sarah sure has a slot as one of the prettiest wives of a Hollywood star.

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