In Saudi Arabia A Royal Prince Just Got Executed For Murder

Saudi Arabia still has one of the strongest monarchies in the world and the royal family is nothing to toy with. This is why news of the execution of a royal Prince is so shocking and seems to pass along a really strong message that no one is above the law.

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The kingdom applies a rather strict interpretation of Islamic law to guide it and has been named by international rights groups as one of the top executioners in the world.

Despite this determination, the execution of Prince Turki Saud-al-Kabir is an extremely rare case of a member of the conservative kingdom’s ruling family being put to death. He was executed on Tuesday for killing a man during a brawl in the capital Riyadh.

royal prince

The interior ministry announced his execution while stating that “in announcing this, we want to affirm to all that the Kingdom’s government is determined to establish security.”

According to the Interior Ministry, his execution “will bring about justice and implement God’s law against all those who attack the innocent.” Local media in Saudi Arabia report that the murder for which the Prince received the death sentence took place in 2012 and the Prince’s death sentence had been upheld by the Appeal Court and the High Court.

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One other royal Prince who gave the first public reaction from a member of the ruling family welcomed the news. Prince Khaled Al Saud said “this is God’s law, and the way of our blessed kingdom. May God have mercy on the killer and his victim.”

royal prince

With this latest execution of the royal Prince, a report puts the current execution count in Saudi Arabia at 128, this year alone. This large number was helped in part by the January 2nd execution of 47 people, including a prominent Shiite cleric, on terrorism-related charges, leading to furious protests from regional rival Iran and criticisms from rights groups.

The death penalty is imposed in Saudi Arabia for offenses ranging from; murder, armed robbery, banditry, rape, drug trafficking to witchcraft.