Who is Savitar In The Flash TV Series? Meet DC Comics Fictional Supervillain

The Flash TV series has lots of interesting characters with superhuman abilities. While The Flash himself features in the speed category, he is not alone as supervillain Savitar is also a major adversary with speedy skills.

An enormously powerful speedster, Savitar is head of a cult dedicated to the Speed Force. Throughout the series, he has been involved in major contentions with other characters like Wally West, Jay Garrick, and Barry Allen. Savitar is voiced by Tobin Bell and portrayed by Grant Gustine in The CW live-action show.

Who is Savitar?

Savitar wasn’t always the super guy we know him to be. Initially, he was an anonymous pilot for a third-world nation whose work involved testing a supersonic fighter jet during the Cold War. He later managed to attain his speed after his jet was struck by lightning and he went down in hostile territory. The crash didn’t leave him the same way.

Now aware of his new ability for speed, the character realized how easily he could defeat the enemy. He became obsessed with these new-found powers and named himself after the Hindu “god of motion” Savitr. He would spend the rest of his life unlocking the secrets of his discovery which led him on the path of new powers that no other living speedster had mastered at the time. That also included the ability to protect himself in a null-inertia force field, transfer speed and kinetic energy to people and objects, especially those in a state of rest. What’s more? He could heal his injuries almost instantly.

Of course, Savitar’s new abilities left him with numerous followers, and before long, he’d become the leader of a cult of speedsters. Hungry for more knowledge, Savitar confronts the only super-speed hero effective at the time: Johnny Quick. The encounter led both speedsters bouncing forward into the tome stream, but Quick, as his name implies, re-emerges from the timestream before Savitar. With Max Mercury in charge, he unites the various members of the Flash family and other speedsters. The goal is to secretly prepare them for the day Savitar would emerge from the timestream, too.

The day came decades later. Savitar returns to a cult that had grown without him. All still loyal to his leadership and awaiting his return. He quickly enlisted former Blue Trinity member Lady Flash (portrayed by Christina Alexandrova) and figured out a way to harness Lady Flash’s speed to divert all energy from the Speed Force to his army of ninjas. Armed with this new ability, Savitar sets out to crush his rivals: The Flash (Wally West), Impulse, Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick), Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, XS and Max Mercury.

His quest for ultimate power puts him at loggerheads at every other speed-force in the realm at the time, making him the supervillain of the Flash story. The story was later adapted for the screen in The CW’s live-action Tv series The Flash. However, Savitar never appears on the scene until season three where he appeared as the main antagonist.

Other Facts About DC Comics’ Supervillain

1. Who Created Savitar?

He was created by the brainy duo; Mark Waid (writer) and Oscar Jimenez (artist) and was published by DC comics in 1995.

2. What Superpowers Does He Have

Savitar possesses several superhuman powers that make him the leader of the speed force. For instance, his superhuman speed makes him completely invisible to the human eye while moving. His superhuman reflexes enable him to easily react to other Speedsters. His agility allows him to change direction swiftly and make dangerous maneuvers while moving at high speed. Savitar’s superhuman strength allows him effortlessly lift weighty objects. This was evident when he lifted and pinned The Flash to a wall with just one hand. More so, Savitar’s teleportation abilities allow him to open up breaches with his speed, making him rapidly transport himself and anyone he is transporting through long distances without necessarily occupying the space between.

3. He Possesses Other Abilities

Savitar can communicate telepathically to anyone and even project onto their minds illusions he wants only them to see. This ability also enables him to possess individuals by dominating their actions and speech.

4. Is The Flash faster than Savitar?

Although the opening lines of the TV series proclaim Barry Allen as the fastest man alive, we know that’s not categorically true especially when the likes of Savitar come into the picture.

So far as we know, Savitar is faster than The Flash and he is not alone on this one as several other characters beat The Flash in the speed race. They include Black Flash, Amazo, Bart Allen, Iris West II, to mention but a few.


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