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The retired American NBA player, Scottie Pippen, began his professional career with the Chicago Bulls in 1987. He played 17 seasons throughout his career, 12 of which was played with the Bulls. An outstanding small forward, Scottie won a lot of titles during his playing days, including 6 NBA championships. He was a 7 NBA All-Star, 3 All-NBA First Team, 8 NBA All-Defensive First Team among many others. Playing for the Bulls together with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen contributed greatly to the transformation of the team into a championship team. The two are also credited with making basketball a generally loved sports worldwide in the 1990s.

Scottie Pippen’s life before he became famous

Born Scotty (commonly written as Scottie) Maurice Pippen on the 25th of September 1965, in Hamburg, Arkansas, the former basketball player is the twelfth child of Ethel and Preston Pippen. He was born into a poor family and his father worked in a paper mill until he was forced to retire when Scottie was just 14 years old after he suffered a stroke which left his right side paralyzed, consequently affecting his mobility as well as his speech.

Due to the financial crunch in his family, Scottie’s parents could not afford to pay for any of their children’s college education but his talent made a way for him. He was a student at Hamburg High School where he played as a point guard and bagged all-conference honors during his senior year but sadly, after his graduation, no university offered him a college scholarship.

Subsequently, Don Dyer, the then head coach of the University of Central Arkansas, Conway discovered him and brought him on board the school’s team as a walk-on. He eventually joined the NBA in 1987 having been drafted that year by the Seattle SuperSonics with the 5th overall pick and traded to the Chicago Bulls.

What to know about his Wife and Children

Scottie Pippen is currently married to Larsa Younan, a Chicago native and a graduate of Political Science from the University of Illinois. She was also a student at the Piven Theater Workshop and due to her huge love for fashion and fitness, she has written about both subjects. One of Kim Kardashian’s best friends, Larsa starred in The Real Housewives of Miami.

The former professional basketball player started dating the young lady, in 1995 and two years later, they got married. Larsa, who is ten years Pippen’s junior, tied the knot with him in 1997 and their union has produced four children named Scotty Pippen Jr., Preston Pippen, Justin Pippen, and Sophia Pippen born in 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2008 respectively.

Scottie Pippen
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Scottie’s marriage to Larsa is his second time of being married. His first marriage was in 1988, to Karen McCollum with whom had one son, Antron Pippen. They parted ways in 1990.

In total, Scottie has fathered seven children from three women and this includes kids from his first and second marriages. Others are two daughters -Taylor Pippen, born in 1994 with his ex-girlfriend Sonya Roby and Sierra Pippen, born in 1995 with his ex-fiancee, Yvette De Leon.

During the 2016 New York Fashion Week on September 8, Larsa and Scottie walked the red carpet with their daughter, Sophia, who they came to support as she was one of the models at the event. Before then, they had celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary and whoever saw them at the event would never have sensed that there was any crack in the couple’s relationship.

However, on October 21, 2016, the duo announced their decision to dissolve their marriage. This was after Scottie had already filed for divorce from his wife on the 18th of the same month and year in Florida.

Rumors of their split had it that rapper Future was the major reason for it. According to TMZ, Larsa met the rapper at a party that took place in Miami in August 2016, and afterward, they were both seen at a nightclub there. As if that was not enough, in September 2016, Larsa also went with Future to Las Vegas on his private jet.

Despite their cozy relationship, Scottie’s wife insisted that she was just friends with the rapper but her husband would not buy that as he believed that she cheated on him with the said rapper in Miami. Not minding all that had happened, Scottie Pippen eventually threw out the divorce petition a year later in Broward County family court after he decided to mend his relationship with his wife.

His Net Worth

Scottie Pippen made a lot of money during his active years in the NBA. After he was drafted by the Bulls, he signed a contract which paid him over $5 million through the next six years beginning with $725, 000 during the 1987-88 season. His salary kept increasing over the seasons, reaching $5.408 million by the end of the 2004-05 season when he retired from the sport.

Besides basketball, the small forward also made some dollars from endorsement deals. His net worth is estimated to be more than $50 million.


Pippen is an offspring of two very tall people. His mother measured six feet in height while his father was only an inch taller. It is, therefore, not a surprise that Scottie became a successful basketball player considering his height of 6 feet 8 inches. He grew to become the tallest of all his siblings and weighed 210 lb (95 kg) according to his listed weight.

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