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Sean Spicer, the former US Press Secretary, is well-known as a long-time Republican and political schemer who has functioned at different levels of government in the United States. However, he is widely known for being a former US Press Secretary in Donald Trump’s administration. His works are enormous and his contributions to the US and its democracy are well documented.

He has worked as director of the incumbent retention, communications director, EndeavorGlobal Strategies’ partner, Commander at the United States Navy, author and TV host among others at different organizations and at different times.

Who is Sean Spicer, the Former US Press Secretary?

He was named Sean Michael Spicer at birth on September 23, 1971. He was born to Kathryn Grossman and Michael Spicer in Manhattan, Port Washington, New York.

From 1985 to 1989, Sean Spicer joined prep Portsmouth Abbey School and subsequently found a way to high school where he took part in local governmental campaigns. Upon getting to College in 1989, Sean Spicer continued to show interest in politics and went to the extent of becoming a student senator. In 1993, he graduated with honors in Government.

Spicer seemed to enjoy his path to gaining knowledge and in 2012, he added to his portfolio a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.


Sean Spicer acquired a job on some political campaigns after graduation in 1993 after he completed college. In 1999, however, Spicer moved from working on political campaigns to a job at the United States Navy Reserve.

He further became a partner at the Endeavor Global Strategies, a public relations firm where he was one of the co-founders which were aimed at representing foreign governments and corporations with business before the US government (2009-2011); Republican National Committee RNC’s communications director (2011) amongst others.

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Even though in 2015, Sean Spicer who was then working with the Republican’s National Committee had his objections on some of Trump’s statements, he was still in support of the then candidate’s aspirations.

Sean Spicer, throughout his career, has adorned himself with several stars of successes. Some of which include: having the government of Columbia as his client while he worked at the Endeavour Global Strategies; he bloated the Republican National Committee’s social media actions, generated an internal TV production team as well a swift response program especially those regarding attacks on Trump who was the presidential flag bearer of the Party.

Spicer as US Press Secretary

The US Press Secretary is usually saddled with the obligation of acting as the spokesperson for the executive branch of the country’s government administration, especially with regard to the president, senior aides, and executives.

On December 22, 2016, Sean Spicer had his name as the White House Press Secretary which made him serve as the 28th Secretary in the country. As the Secretary, Spicer made a number of implicating comments. He first alleged that the Inauguration of President Trump had the highest number of viewers ever. He also accused the media of consciously changing the content of the photos of people captured during the inaugural event.

Still, as the US press Secretary, he was saddled with yet another responsibility of been the communications director after Michael Dubke resigned. Following the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to fill the gap of Dubke, Spicer announced his resignation (July 21, 2017). However, even with his turning his back on the seat of the US Press Secretary, he still had a good relationship with the president.

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Where is Sean Spicer From?

Sean Spicer, the former US Press Secretary, is said to be of Irish descent and although he grew up in the 7th least populous state of the United States, and the East Bay area of Rhode Island in the US, he was born in Port Washington, New York.

In relation to his hometown, the political strategist hails from Barrington, Bristol County of Rhode Island. Although not very large, Barrington has produced other notable people which include: Matt Borges, Ohio Republican chairman (2013-2017); Brad Faxon, golfer with the PGA Tour; Michael S. Harper, Poet and Laureate of Rhode Island (1988-1993); Brian Howe, actor; Linda Laubenstein, HIV/AIDS researcher; and Phil Madeira, Nashville musician and songwriter amongst many others.

Other Interesting Facts About the Former US Press Secretary

– Sean Spicer is married to Rebecca Claire Miller, a TV producer and has two kids together.

– His net worth is estimated at $9 million.

– Sean Spicer stands at 5’8 inches tall.

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