Sean Spicer’s Political Career, What He Is Up To Since His Resignation And Other Family Facts

When the history of the Trump presidency is written, one name that will surely feature is that of Sean Spicer. He was the first to serve as the administration’s White House official mouthpiece, from January 2017 to July 2017. Spicer was often described as being combative due to his hostility towards the press corps.

A graduate of Connecticut College where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Government. Spicer also holds a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Spicer is also Commander with the US Navy reserves and as of December 2016 was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s naval reserve contingent in Washington, D.C.

Between 2000 and 2011 He held Various Communications Roles In Washington

His first foray into the public sector and governance was in 2000 when he was appointed Communications director on the House Government Reform Committee, by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). He served in that capacity for two years before he was made the communications director and spokesman for the House Budget Committee from 2003 to 2005.

In 2006 he was appointed Communications Director for the Republican Conference of the U.S. House of Representatives. President Bush appointed Spicer Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for media and public affairs in 2006.

Between 2009 and 2011, Spicer had a stint in private practice when he co-founded Endeavor Global Strategies, a public relations firm. During this period his agency represented foreign governments and corporations seeking to make inroads in America.

A GOP Insider, He was A Party Strategist Before Joining The Trump Administration

Prior to joining the Trump campaign, Spicer had worked closely with the top echelon of the Republican Party. In 2011 he was appointed communications director of the Republican National Committee. As a young and dynamic party faithful, he enlarged the Party’s social media operations and pioneered the building of an in-house TV production team. Spicer also came up with the idea of a rapid response program to reply to attacks on the party emanating from social media. The party, famed for its conservative values was keen to tap into the boisterous dynamism of the youth and Spicer proved to be one of the catalysts for that process.

In 2015 in recognition of his outstanding work, Spicer’s job brief was expanded and he became chief strategist for the party. Party chief Reince Priebus wanted him to extend his influence in the party’s communications setup and act as a key liaison between the national party, the television networks, and the individual candidates in the run-up to the 2016 elections. While on this job Spicer was initially very critical of Donald Trump as a candidate and voiced reservations about his intended policies.

Spicer Was Trumps First White House Press Secretary and Later Communications Director 

On December 22, 2016, Sean Spicer was appointed Trump’s White House press secretary, a role tasked with being the spokesman of the executive branch of the United States government. Given Trump’s unconventional mode of operation as President, whoever occupied this position was always going to have it tough. As though that was not enough, two days later he was also named White House communications director meaning the bulk of Trump’s communications and media engagement had to be coordinated by him. He officially resumed both roles on January 20, 2017.

During his time as Press Secretary Spicer built a reputation for having a fractious relationship with members of the Press corps. His tenure was replete with controversial statements, and combative behavior towards the press, most of whom he frequently accused of deliberately twisting the news to make the Trump administration look bad

After the Appointment of Anthony Scaramucci As White House Communications Director, Spicer Announced His Resignation

In the aftermath of President Trump announcing Anthony Scaramucci his new Communications Director. Spicer announced his resignation from his role as White House Press Secretary. Spicer was opposed to the hiring of Scaramucci as he felt he lacked the requisite skill and temperament for the office.

Scaramucci, whose background is in finance having worked with Goldman Sachs had endeared himself to the President after he succeeded in getting CNN to retract a story about him, and forcing three journalists involved in the story to resign. Viewed by Trump as someone with a more ruthless streak than Spicer, Trump was more comfortable working with someone with traits he could identify with. It turns out Spicer was right after all, as Scaramucci lasted only 10 days on the job.

Post-White House Engagements

After his time in the White House Spicer has focused his energy on writing. He has authored a book – The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President, the book sets out to put the records straight about the many controversies that surrounded his time in the White House. The book was published in 2018.

In July 2019, Spicer was appointed by President Trump as a Member of the Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Academy. Later that year, to the surprise of many, he made an appearance as a contestant on season 28 of the American dance TV competition Dancing with the Stars where he made it to the quarterfinals.

In March 2020 Spicer landed a job to host “Spicer & Co,’’ a cable news program, which airs daily from Monday through Friday on Newsmax TV.

Sean Spicer Is Married To Media Personality, Rebecca Claire Miller

Spicer is married to media personality, Rebecca Claire Miller, a native of Nashville, Tennessee who was born in the year, 1971. Her father’s name is Harry Miller Jr. while her mother’s name is Sally Miller.

Rebecca Miller holds a degree in art history and studio art as well as another degree in telecommunications (from Indiana University, Bloomington). She has worked as a producer at several TV stations and has also served as an assistant director of communications at the White House during the Bush regime.

Mrs. Spicer currently works for the National Beer Wholesalers Association. She is the senior vice president (communications and public affairs) of the organization which represents the interest of over 3,000 independent beer wholesalers. There are no elaborate details as to how Spicer and his wife met. It is, however, known that they tied the knot in 2004. Their wedding combined aspects of the Episcopalian and catholic faith and took place at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Washington.

Sean Spicer
Spicer with his wife and kids: image source

The Spicers Have Two Kids 

While the names of Sean Spicer’s children are not publicly available. Given the vitriol he has been subjected to, he has made conscious efforts to keep his kids out of the media glare.

One of the fallouts of Spicer’s tenure as White House press secretary was the fact that it robbed him of family time. The political strategist has worked to correct this anomaly since his resignation and is now focused on spending quality time with his kids.

Spicer has been spotted on weekends organizing children’s birthday parties and he has also been seen at his children’s baseball, lacrosse, and football games, as well as their dance recitals and scout meetings.

Sean Spicer Comes From A Close-Knit Irish Catholic family

Sean Spicer hails from a family of five. His father’s name is Michael William Spicer while his mother’s name is Kathryn nee Grossman. The former press secretary also has two siblings namely, sister, Shannon, and brother, Ryan. Sean Spicer was quite close to his dad who would often call him just to say I love you. The senior Spicer, unfortunately, passed away in 2016, and his son detailed the trying period in his memoir titled The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President.

Spicer disclosed that his father had been in a poor state of health for several years but showered his love on his kids and grandkids. He eventually passed away on the 1st of December 2016 surrounded by his family.

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