How to Seduce a Kenyan Man

It’s a funny thing that many people think that Kenyan men are always attracted to gorgeous body and tits. This is a notion that has misled many women, and now they are just concentrating on getting the figure check. Kenyan men have realized this and are taking a keen interest on the women, so before you go out there to find remedies to get your body in check here are some few tips on how to seduce a Kenyan man. It’s not just about the body or physical appearance, take a look below:

1. Brains

It goes without saying, there is always something sexy about women with brains. You might have all the cute looks and good figure, but without the brains to challenge a Kenyan man, you will not get anywhere. So remember, Kenyan men will always choose brains over good looks.

2. Your Career

You might have the looks of goddess or a figure of a model but when you work in some boring government office, it might be very tasking for you to find a decent Kenyan man. Men tend to think that women who work in government office are boring, and do not like an adventure. Even so, if you are running numerous side projects for your own benefit you will have better chances of seducing a Kenyan man because you will be considered industrious and adventurous.

3. Courage

Most men are attracted to courageous women. Courageous women command respect, that is a fact. A Kenyan man would love to get involved with a woman who can be respected by others. So anytime you think of seducing a Kenyan man, have this in mind as it will surely help you in a great way.

4. Character


There is a saying in Kenya that a woman is not made up of her looks but the way she behaves. You’d probably want to learn some manners that have high chances of leading a Kenyan man towards you. Kenyan men love a woman who can take good care of him. If a woman shows the man that she can take good care of him then she has high chances of seducing that man.

Another type of character that will drive a Kenyan man away is overindulgence in alcohol. Women who take too much alcohol tend to mess up, though there are women who can manage but generally it is a turn off for Kenyan men. Another bad show is the type that smokes; even if the man smokes, he always likes his woman pure and lady-like.

If you can cook, clean and wash, then you definitely will be able to seduce any Kenyan man. Men love a woman who gets busy around the house. One reason a man gets a woman into his life is to get help for the home chores. A woman with qualities that can genuinely lead the man to introduce her to his parents is the right one.

Language is also another important consideration. A Kenyan man loves a woman who chooses her words carefully. A Kenyan woman who talks so loudly and curses a lot is a turn off to the Kenyan man. A man loves when the woman knows how to handle her tone.

 5. Soccer lover

It is a known fact that most Kenyan men love soccer. A woman who enjoys soccer has high chances of seducing any reasonable Kenyan man. Go cheer some team, Arsenal or something and you will be amazed the number of men you would attract.

6. Hard working

There are various women who like to lazy around and be treated by men. Funny thing, Kenyan men love to be in control of stuff. Though once in a while when a woman offers to pay for the guy’s lunch or dinner, it is attractive. A man will always buy a present for a lady; a woman should also surprise the man once in a while.

7. Dressing

Finally, a Kenyan man loves a woman who knows how to dress. Always consider the occasion before you choose what to wear. Avoid trashy clothes that might make you look like a street slut. A Kenyan man will cherish a woman who respects herself and can leave the explicit clothes for the home or bedroom. A Kenyan man is not so complicated but with the above few simple sets, you would have succeeded in mastering how to seduce a Kenyan man.

Fadamana U
Fadamana U
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