WatchCut which is popular for its 100 Years of Beauty series, showing looks from different countries from the 1910s to the 2010s have published another.

They recently uploaded a video tagged ‘100 Years Of Beauty In Kenya’ featuring a beautiful model called Keesee Andrea.

Some significant eras which inspired WatchCut’s video were:


Britain had gotten a hold of Kenya during the Imperialism era (scramble for Africa) for her richness in minerals and other natural resources. Women in that era dressed in the traditional way as of old without any influence from foreign countries.


As Britain secured Kenya, they began working on  establishing it as theirs. Constructing infrastructure that would give them what they wanted. These saw the influx of citizens of other British colonies who would help in the hard labor. This look was inspired by the Indians who were also colonized by Britain.

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The inspiration for this era was gotten from neighboring Sudan who were commonly brought to Kenya to help with the hard work.


In the 1960s Kenya had gained her independence and as a result kenyans could participate in international competitions. The style inspiration for this era was gotten from  Miss Kenya 1968 Josephine Moikobu.


Kenya had conducted her first election. The first First Lady of Kenya “Mama Ngina” Kenyatta was popular for her graceful fashion, donning beautiful head wraps as seen in the video.


In this era, President Jomo Kenyatta had passed on. The 1984 Miss Kenya, Khadija Adams Ismail who had a successful international career was a popular fashion icon.

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The 2000s saw a transition to thinner eyebrows, glossy lips, weaves, braids and what a modern day lady will call cheap makeup. The Cut was inspired for this look by popular Kenyan singer Amani.

See the full video below.