Bones For Dogs? See Reasons Why Humans Too Should Fancy Bones

Just in case you’ve never known, bones are not the garbage part of meat. The Ancient humans chewed more than the 21st century man. Times have indeed changed and we all want to have it easy. For instance, we trade fresh cooked meals for fast foods; so also we take meat and reject the bones. Human beings are a predator specie, guess that’s why we have the canines. Here are the  top 6 reasons why you should chew bones more often:

1. Alkaline Nature:

Bones are alkaline food sources. Alkaline diets are used to treat and manage some diseases because they have the potency to affect the PH and acidity rate of the body.

2. Calcium:

It is general knowledge that calcium is good for the bones. In reverse as well chewing up our meat bones is a way of obtaining a kind of calcium called the Hydroxyapatite- a bone-building supplement which is good for bone mineral density.

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3. Phosphorus:

Bones are a natural source of phosphorus which is essential to all living things. The body takes up about 1g of phosphorus and stores 750g. Phosphorus is important in DNA, RNA and energy transfer in body cells (as part of ATP -Adenosine Triphosphate). And just like calcium, it is also found in the teeth and bones; and good for their formations. Phosphorus helps in the absorption and function of food nutrients.

4. Potassium:

Potassium is another mineral for the normal functioning of the body system. It helps in kidney health, maintains blood pressure by neutralizing the effects of excess salt in our diets, and also helps to balance the in flow of nutrients into body cells and the evacuation of wastes from body cells. However, green leafy vegetables, especially, are the richest sources of potassium.

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5. Bone Marrows:

Bone marrows have a high fat content. They help in blood clotting, digestion, fights cancer, builds immunity and repairs wounds. The collagen in bone marrows helps the body to rebuild itself.

6. Dental Exercise:

Chewing in itself is an amazing exercise for your teeth. Feel free to grab that chicken feet, it sure is worth it.


Because of a variety of factors- age, dental health- some people definitely find it hard to gnaw on meat bones. So the alternatives are to

  • Cook them to get your stock. They are equally nutritious
  • Grind them and make your bone meal. They are good calcium supplements and can be added to meals .

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