Senegal-Gambia Border Finally Reopens After 3 Months Of Blockade

The Senegal-Gambia border which was blocked due to a feud between the Gambia and Senegalese drivers has been reopened after three months.

The Senegal-Gambia border is said to have been open since Tuesday. A high profile figure among Senegal’s militant transport unions told AFP , “We are a republic. We talked about it with our government. We hope that our grievances will be addressed in the negotiations with the Gambia.”

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The road blockade was created as a result of the high tariff placed on trucks entering the Gambia from Senegal in February.

Senegal which surrounds the Gambia save for its coastal region was sorely affected by the tariff as most had to resort to going all the way round the Gambia in order to access northern Senegal from the South or vice versa.

Although the fees were later reverted Senegalese truck drivers were nonetheless still perplexed and resorted to a road blockade which has been ongoing for three months until Tuesday. The blockade sorely affected both countries due to shortage of necessities.

“This is the sixth blockade since 2000… we are demanding the border be opened at all hours, not closed every day between 7pm and 7am” Pape Seydou Dianko, a well-known figure among Senegal’s militant transport unions, had said.

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Last week Foreign Ministers Nene McDouall-Geye of Gambia and Mankeur Ndiaye of Senegal met in a bid to reach a resolve concerning the Senegal-Gambia border. The meeting which was supposed to be the first of three ended up an impasse with no agreement reached between the Ministers.

“We will consult our experts about the issue of the bridge, and the next meeting will be in July,” a Senegalese senior adviser had said.