Sepp Blatter Explains How UCL Draws Were Rigged To Give Clubs Easier Opponents

The former president of FIFA Joseph Sepp Blatter has admitted that UEFA Champoins League (UCL) draws as well as other European football competitions have been rigged in times past.

He said the corrupt practice involved in UCL draws was done using a method with hot and cold balls. He admitted this when the reporter asked if he was responsible for fixing Argentina in easy group during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He however denied the claims. Blatter added that although he knew some took part in this practice, it had never happened in FIFA during his 18 year reign as head of the organization.

“There was only one person who had that power in Europe,” Blatter told La Nacion. “[Former UEFA president from 1973-83] Artemio Franchi used to do that for the club tournament draws.

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“I did not do that for the World Cup in 1978. But with my magic, I could do anything. Once again, I am joking. The draw was honest down to the last detail.

“I never touched the balls, something that other people did. Of course, you can rig them by making them hot or cold.”

When asked to explain this ‘hot and cold balls’ method used in UCL draws, he went on to describe the process while emphasizing that this did not happen in FIFA;

Sepp Blatter Admits UCL Draws Were Fixed

“Of course it is technically possible,” Blatter said. “This did not happen in FIFA but I have been witness to draws at the level of Europe, at which it happened.

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“But never in FIFA. Of course it can be done but in my case it never happened, never.

“Before the draw you put the balls in the freezer. Then when you touch them you can determine which ones are cold or hot. By touching them you know what you have,” he explained.