Nigeria Records The Return Of A Second Abducted Chibok Girl- How True?

Another supposed Chibok girl identified as Serah Luka was reportedly rescued on Thursday evening during a military operation against Boko Haram

As Nigeria rejoices over the return of the first abducted Chibok girl, Amina Ali Nkek, a second girl makes a return. She has been identified as Serah luka. Nigerian army spokesperson says that the girl was found among a group of 97 women and children rescued by the troop in the north-east.

It is a thing of significance that 2 days after the return of Amina, Serah shows up. There were initial doubts to the claims that she was one of the kidnapped Chibok girls but it appears she has lately being identified as such.

Generally speaking, there appears to be a great deal of discrepancies surrounding the entire Chibok return story. First it appears there are 2 sides to Amina’s discovery and about 2 more names that she was identified with.

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Now the second girl says she was in JSSI 2 years ago. Meanwhile it was general knowledge that the girls were getting ready for their WAEC exams, as such were the only ones in school at that time.

Serah is said to be the 157th person on the list of the abducted school girls. However activists and parents of the Chibok girls strongly refute her claims as one of the Chibok girls.

Serah had only enrolled into the school a couple of months before Boko Haram struck and took over 200 girls into captivity.


Yesterday, the first girl ‘to be brought home’ made a trip to the presidency with her baby. Sharing his joy, Buhari also empathized with the girl who came with her mother. He was particularly happy that the girl will continue her education.

“Amina must be able to go back to school… But my feelings are tinged with deep sadness at the horrors the young girl has had to go through at such an early stage in her life.” – President Buhari

Some charity groups also added that the girl should undergo some medical and psycho therapies as well. They also suggest that Amina should not frequent the public eye and her case should not also be politicized.

From the reports of the Nigerian military force, Amina was found in the company of her 4-month old baby and a man who claims to be her husband.

By virtue of the students’ disappearance 2 years ago, this supposed husband, Mohammed Hayatu, without a doubt is a member of the terrorist group. According to reports, the man surrendered out of hunger.

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Now the question: Where does he stand in the current picture? Will he face charges for being a part of the group that wrecked the lives of this young girl and many others? So far there has not been any clarity as to his case as a member of the deadly sect. Many have frowned at the seeming presidential treatment given to the ‘terrorist’ as he flies side by side with Amina to see the President.

In line with the curiosity, the military released an official statement that suggests that Mohammed Hayatu will be granted Buhari’s amnesty for surrendering.

“Meanwhile, the supposed husband is undergoing further investigation at Joint Intelligence Centre. It should be noted that Mohammed Hayatu is well treated in line with Operation LAFIYA DOLE Rules of Engagement regarding insurgents who voluntarily surrender to the military.”