Serena Williams

International tennis star, Serena Williams has pursued a consistent mission of building schools for black people especially for Africans.

She has built schools in Jamaica and Kenya. Some reports also say she has built schools in Uganda and Zimbabwe too.

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Serena Williams

The African-American professional tennis player, ranking No.1 in women’s singles tennis does not hesitate to show her concern for the growing black generation. Her philanthropy is often geared towards them using sports and education.

In 2008, Serena Williams launched the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya. Thousands of people, children and adults alike graced the occasion. They were utterly excited to have the world-acclaimed champ in their midst, supporting them with an educational institution.


The Minister for Education, the District Commissioner for the area, lawmakers, chiefs and leaders were all there. Her presence and generosity was really felt. The people reciprocated her kindness with endless cultural entertainments.

In partnership with Hewlett Packard, the students were given computers and trained to operate them. In her autobiography, Serena Williams acknowledged the school as one of her greatest achievements.

In 2010, in partnership still with HP, and Build African Schools, Serena returned to inaugurate another school in Kenya – Wee Secondary School in Makueni, Eastern Province, Kenya. The schools are equipped with electricity, computers and other teaching aids.

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Serena Williams7

In February 2016, the Serena Williams Fund in conjunction with Helping Hands Jamaica built the Salt Marsh Primary School.

She says that the mission of her charity is to help “individuals or communities affected by senseless violence” and ensuring “equal access to education”. She surprised the world by participating in the construction of the infant school.

Through the Serena Williams Foundation, Serena has granted university scholarships to underprivileged students in the United States.