Insights into Seth Meyers Wife, Family and What His Net Worth Is

Celebrities are mostly remembered and known for the work they do. For Seth Meyers, his career as a comedian, writer, actor, TV host, and producer is his biggest identifier. He was on Saturday Night Live SNL show as a head writer and cast member for more than ten years during which he built a reputation for his snarky and sarcastic coverage of the news parody segment Weekend Update.

But as it is for everyone so is it with celebrities, there is more to them than the job they do and the career they have. In 2019, Seth Meyers released a stand-up special on Netflix, Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby. On this special, he bared himself and showed that his entire life does not revolve around his work and he is a man who is deeply invested in his family. 

How did Seth Meyers and His Wife Meet?

Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers met at the wedding of Chris Kattan to Sunshine Deia Tutt. Kattan used to work at Saturday Night Live where Seth Meyers used to also work. Now, Alexi, who is an attorney found her way to the wedding and went along with her sister Ariel. Ariel Ashe was also a member of the SNL crew but only in the capacity of a set designer.  

Meyers has described the love he has for Ariel as one that happened at first sight. He had a feeling that she was a perfect fit for him, as she was the closest thing to a person that he could see himself with. When he talks about the type of person she is, he says she is equal parts smarter and sillier than he is and the work she does as an attorney fills him with awe. 

Alexis is a lawyer who earned her law degree from Southwestern University. She has worked as the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Brooklyn, while she worked as the ADA she was assigned to the Sex Crimes Bureau and had to deal with sexual crimes. As an extension of the work she does, she has become an advocate for victims of gender violence with the Sanctuary for Families Foundation. 

They Dated for Five Years Before Getting Married

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe: image source

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe met in 2008 and they started to date in that same year. They were in a relationship for five years before he proposed to her in July of 2013. On his special, Lobby Baby he talked about how they passed through an awkward phase in their relationship where she thought he would propose and he did not.

It was particularly bad because they had planned a trip to Paris-the city of love and during the trip, she expected a proposal. When he eventually did propose, she handled most of the planning for the wedding. In September of 2013, they had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Martha’s Vineyard. 

Alexi had Their Second Child in their Apartment’s Lobby

Three years after they got married the babies started to roll in. Their first child, Ashe Olsen was born on the 27th of March, 2016 at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. When the time for the birth of their second child, Axel Strahl came, the situation was not as planned. When Alexis went into labor the couple got ready to head to the hospital but as they got to the lobby of their apartment Alexis was certain she was having the baby at that moment.

Seth had to call their doctor and then emergency services; before the ambulance got to their apartment, Alexis had given birth, hence the name Lobby Baby. 

Seth has a Brother who is an Actor

Seth Meyers hails from a family of four people. His mother Hilary Claire was a French teacher while his father Laurence Meyers worked in the financial industry. Seth is not the only member of his family who works in entertainment as his younger brother Josh, is an actor. This is the family he grew up and spent most of his formative years with. In 2013, he began a new family with Alexi Ashe.

Seth Meyers’ paternal grandfather was an Ashkenazi Jew who emigrated to America but the Late Night show host does not consider himself Jewish. His wife, Alexi, on the other hand, is Jewish and because of this, his wife raises their kids in the Jewish faith.

How Seth Meyers’ Comedy Stints Shot Him to Success

Meyers attended Northwestern University where he studied Creative Writing. Even while he was a student in school he was already using his writing talent. He joined an improv comedy group, Mee-Ow Show. When he got his degree in 1995 he joined another improv group, this time it was with ImprovOlympic.

It is not clear how long he worked with ImprovOlympic but by 2001 he got cast on SNL. Four years after Seth Meyers was made a writing supervisor. By 2006 he became a co-head writer alongside Tina and Andrew Steel. When Tina Fey left SNL he was promoted again, this time to head writer.

But the biggest move in his career happened when Amy Poehler left SNL. In 2004, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler auditioned to be co-anchors of the Weekend Update, a parody news program. One of them was supposed to join Tina Fey on the program and Poehler was chosen.

With the exit of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Meyers was able to get his time on the show. During his time on SNL, Seth Meyers impersonated a number of celebrities and politicians including Stone Philips, John Kerry, Donald Trump, Tobey Maguire among others. 

His Transition to Late Night Show

Seth Meyers on Late Night with Amy Poehler and Joe Biden
Seth Meyers on Late Night with Amy Poehler and Joe Biden: image source

In 2013, Jimmy Fallon another SNL alumnus was leaving Late Night, Fallon was moving to The Tonight Show. Seth Meyers was asked to come take his place on Late Night. He joined the show in 2014 and the show came to be called Late Night with Seth Meyers. It has been said that his salary per year as a host on Late Night is $3 million.

Seth has made a Fortune from His Career

Working on the Late Night show is not all that he does, Seth Meyers has appeared in a number of films and television shows where he played characters and acted as himself. Meyers has been asked to host a number of television shows; in 2018, he hosted the prestigious Golden Globe awards.

All of this including the jobs he has had have somehow contributed to his net worth of $12 million. This does not come as a surprise considering the fact that Meyers makes up to $3 million per annum as his salary on Late Night. Even more interesting, Late Night in 2016 extended Seth Meyers’ contract through 2021. This means more money for the talented TV host.

In 2016 Seth Meyers and his wife bought a $7.5 million apartment in Manhattan, New York. He may not be the richest, but Meyers is living quite comfortably with his family.

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