seve gats gets to go to china for real

Technology gives us so much benefits. Among them is the ability to travel to far away places without actually getting on a plane and going there. No, I’m not talking about Google’s Cardboard, but Photoshop. Yes, with photoshop you can get to travel the world and feel like you actually went there– or at least that’s what Sevelyn Gats thinks.

Sevelyn also known as Seve Gats is a Kenyan lady who loves travelling and meeting new people. She became a viral sensation when some found photos she posted online of her trips around the world.

It is very common especially on social media to flaunt your possessions, show off your expensive taste in vacations and that was nothing foreign to Seve. In fact here are some places she has been to;

She has been to the White House

seve gats

Sometimes she goes horse riding with Vera Sidika


Just before her trip to Chinasevg

And she arrived safely and took a trip to the Great Wall of China


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The glaring failure of her Photoshop made people believe she was a parody. She made lots of Kenyans laugh. While some ridiculed the trolls for being cyber bullies, others praised her creativity, urging her to follow her dreams.

A particular Kenyan, Sam Gichuru who was fascinated by her supported her ambitions, saying that, “some people dream and then wake up and forget their dreams, others dream while awake and write, draw or photoshop them.”

He also expressed his desire to fulfill her dreams of going to China, but he stated that he had no money.

“I wished I could buy you a ticket, but I can’t afford it, the good news is I have friends, many friends…

“So, I have harassed all my friends, so much, I think I have lost half of them, but they are amazing people. I’m collecting frequent flyer miles and commitments. If you were serious, I mean really serious, I have good news for you, get your passport ready because your dreams are about to come true. Hope this Facebook post finds you. Get in touch.”

And she did. Her trip to China is planned for the summer of this year.

Seve’s story is an affirmation that our dreams are valid… and social media is powerful. Now let me go photoshop myself to a resort in Seychelles and hope my Sam Gichuru gets to see it.

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