10 Sexiest Kenyan Actors You Must Know

The entertainment and acting industry in Kenya is characterized by many talented and sexy actors. The actors have made a mark in both the local and international acting scenes. The local programs, plays and movies are currently booming with lots of sexy Kenyan actors and while this list does not cover all, we have included some of the most handsome actors in Kenya who have taken different roles in casts. Here are some of the top 10 hottest Kenyan actors:

10. Epphy Mureithi

For those who have watched the local Tahidi High cast, they can confirm that Epphy is not just a talented actor, but also among the sexiest cast in the whole drama series. Epphy has striking eyes, a good physique and height. Above all, he is a good actor on the screen. A down to earth character, Epphy not only appears in movie scenes but also in the modelling world.

9. Ken Ambani

If there is one sexy actor in Kenya, then Ken Ambani will make the mark. He goes by the popular moniker, Barasa coined from the television role drama Tausi. He has also featured in other local programs like Shuga. Ambani is not only an award-winning actor, he’s also among the sexiest on the screen. In fact, he is among the veterans in the acting industry featuring in other well-known movie series like the Jacobs Cross and From a Whisper. Ambani has been in the acting industry for over 20 years and still maintains his good looks.

8. Daniel Peter

Daniel Peter is a sizzling sexy actor who is making his mark on the television screen. To know how talented he has become, coupled with his innocent sexy look, you only need to watch the Mali drama series. He has a trademark Mohawk hairstyle that makes him the darling of the female fans. The 22-year-old student is still far away from becoming a household name, but going by the talent and looks, he stands the chance to go a long way in the acting industry.

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7. Omar Hamza

Hunky Hamza is also among the sexiest Kenyan actors to grace your television screen. He emerged as a popular and handsome actor on the television series Mali. Going by the stage name Zolo, this actor has also featured in the fl Players Club and theatre works. Hamza is also a musician, video and music director. Apart from the sexy looks he brings to the local screen, this guy also has the brains to make him the popular and sexy cast in any role.

6. Godfrey Odhiambo

For those people who prefer to describe sexy as tall, handsome, brainy and dark, Godfrey is the ideal trait here. He has featured in several movies and films. One of the popular casts to see Godfrey is the Malooned movie of 2007. Other films he has acted in include The Epitaph, Playas and Money and the Cross. The local television Dramas that the suave sexy hunk has featured in includes Tahidi High, Nairobi Law and the Noose of Gold.

5. Henry Gitau

Gitau is a common actor on your local screen. The handsome dreadlocked star is sure his own style of locks, a smooth but chocolate skin colour and wide broad shoulders put him among the sexiest actors in Kenya. Gitau has featured in various acting roles in programs like Demi Gods, television series program Changes, the Makutano Junction, Noose of Gold and in the movie titled Following Jesus. Apart from acting, you can catch Gitau in various modelling shows.

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4. Ian Mugoya

Mention the name Ian Mugoya and a good number of people will agree that he is among the most talented and sexiest male Kenyan actors. Ian has featured alongside others stars, in the program Changing Times. He has also appeared as a sexy co-host in the live television program Straight Talk. His luscious lips and hypnotic eyes make him a darling of the female fans.

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3. Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma made his name by taking up a role in the local drama series Shuga. He is a sizzling actor talented in different acting roles. He has warm looks making him among the most sought and sexy young guys to grace your television screen both locally and in the African continent. His warm and sexy looks make him endearing to female fans.

2. Nick Wangondu

Nick will also make a mark among the sexiest Kenyan Actors. The former Big Brother contestant has featured in the local Mali television series. He is also a host of the kids’ program show Kiboko and doubles as a television producer and radio host, making him among the talented and sexy actors in Kenya.

1. Eddy Gathegi

Gathegi is a hot and sexy actor in every sense of it. The actor has taken up roles in My Bloody Valentine, X-Men First Class, Nikita and Lincoln Height. He has a good accent on the cast making him among the sexiest diaspora actors of Kenyan origin, making the country proud in the international space.

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