Just How Straight Is Shailene Woodley and What Are Her Major Career Achievements

We all watched with arms crossed wide to see whether Shailene Woodley who starred as Amy Juergens in The Secret Life of the American Teenager would defy the curse of young stars who hit fame at an early age in their careers. Since her screen debut in 1999, she has continued to grow every year thanks to her talents and a management team that has done a great job in helping her navigate her career, Woodley, today is one of the most famous actresses on the planet.

Despite being quite young, she has starred in modern classics such as The Descendants (2011), The Fault in Our Stars (2014), and was even the face of the Divergent series. Remember that? Hollywood has its fair share of success stories but it would not hurt to add another mind-blowing addition to the long list of successes. Plus, we raise part of the curtains on her love history.

Where Did It All Start For Shailene Woodley?

Born into a purely middle-class family in San Bernardino County California, and raised in Simi Valley, Shailene Woodley got her first acting credit at the age of eight. Her father, Lonnie Woodley is a school principal and her mother, Lori Woodley is a school counselor. Due to her proximity to filming locations, the actress spent a lot of time in her childhood days on set among other actors and set workers. That could be a long lesson about environmental conditioning there.

She nevertheless, humorously recounts that shooting for long hours was draining – both mentally and physically. However, she always had the comfort of her younger brother to return to at the end of shooting for the day.

Her teenage life was pretty normal despite being a child star. Growing up, Woodley attended the Simi Valley High School and as part of her education, took acting classes with Anthony Meindl. While she walked the formal education journey, she tried to balance it with her passion for acting. It started with a modeling career at the early age of four, which she did for a few years before scoring her first gig in front of the camera for a non-speaking role in 1999.

Her Achievements From the Early 2000s to Date

After the initial debut, Shailene did not work until 2001 when she starred in The District and Crossing Jordan. Her work in Film in 2004 and 2005 for A Place Called Home and Felicity: An American Girl Adventure respectively earned her two Young Artist Award nominations; becoming the first of what has been an award-laden career.

Before she gained national fame in 2008 for playing the protagonist of the ABC hit show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, she starred on shows such as The O.C, Everybody Loves Raymond, My Name is Earl, CSI: NY and a few others. Her role as Amy Juergens earned her five Teen Choice nominations. In films like The Descendants, she delivered a performance that earned critical acclaim and ultimately sealed her place in Hollywood as an authentic young actress with a great future ahead.

Her rise to stardom has been greatly supported with her starring in critically acclaimed projects like White Bird in a Blizzard, The Spectacular Now, The Fault in Our Stars, Final Approach, Big Little Lies, Snowden, and most recently, Adrift. Shailene arguably brings on the best of performances on screen and this alone with grit and palpable confidence has earned her multiple award nominations and wins that include Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and MTV Movie Awards.

Understandably, after filming Divergent, the actress took a break off the screen to care for her body. According to her, she had a lot of pent up emotions from the childhood trauma she had not adequately dealt with, and in order to become better, she had to work on facing her inner demons and focus on her mental health.

Another side of Shailene that is quite admirable is her role as an environmental activist. She is a co-founder of the All It Takes non-profit organization and was even arrested in 2016 for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline! Being in the spotlight like this comes with its own perks and downsides. It also comes with being under the radar even for things that society has embraced as pretty normal. and we’re talking about nothing other than her relationships and sexuality.

What About the Gay Speculations?

Maintaining a high profile such as Woodley’s without a partner to display before fans—like Rafiki the baboon does for new lion cubs in The Lion King—tend to birth rumors and controversies regarding sexual orientation. However, as much as we hate to disappoint the LGBTQ community, Shailene is completely heterosexual and recently confirmed her relationship with a man. Still in doubt? We have a face already.

The Man In Her Life: Here’s What We Know

With her drop-dead gorgeous looks, it is only fair that her love life should receive its fair share of public speculation and of course, media frenzy. As a popular actress with undeniable beauty, Shailene’s love interest has been the subject of conversation by those who are curious and those who wish to date her. With Shailene Woodley’s kind of looks, it’s impossible to not have celebrities and regular people alike shooting their shots for a space in your heart.

Shailene Woodley and Ben Volavola
Shailene Woodley and Ben Volavola

She has been rumored to be in a relationship with several men, mostly her co-stars due to the chemistry she shares with them on screen. Some of them include Ansel Elgort, Theo James and Shiloh Fernandez. In 2018, however, she did confirm that she was not dating an entertainer in Hollywood, but rather an Australian-Fijian rugby union player called Ben Volavola. Asides her relationships, Woodley’s net worth has also been the subject of debate in a while.

Sporting fancy wears and accessories has inadvertently put her in the spotlight. With many burrowing for details about her actual worth. Search no more. We’ve got you covered.

How Much Is She Worth Today? 

With a cool $9 million net worth from her career so far as an actress, Shailene Woodley is comfortably sitting on the larger side of life. Asides the steady flow of income from television shows such as Big Little Lies, her net worth stems from starring in commercially profitable films, TV series, and other projects.

Although it remains unclear, there are possibly other investment streams that shore up her expensive lifestyle. Those have remained hidden because the actress is likely putting a lid on a lot of details. And rightly so. Except you’re Floyd Mayweather, you surely want to keep some details from the paparazzi? Except the obvious details of course. And we’re talking body measurements and all.

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Shailene Woodley Has the Perfect Height

Shailene Woodley stands at 5 feet and 8 inches with a bodyweight of 60 kg. She has been known to intermittently switch between long and short hair with a variety of colors. But we could bet light brown as her natural color. Another notable feature includes her green eyes.

With a whopping 4.4 million followers on Instagram, Shailene has sure got the following needed to be a force to be reckoned with. Her most recent posts have been centered on activism and the Black Life Matters Movement. Follow her on IG @shailenewoodley.


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