Shamma Al Mazrui: Meet UAE’s Current 22-Year-Old Minister For Youth Affairs

The United Arab Emirates has appointed 22-year-old Shamma Al Mazrui as the Minister of State for youth affairs. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice-President of UAE has appointed a youth minister in the new cabinet. He had earlier tweeted that UAE will be appointing someone under 25 in the cabinet and he has picked Shamma Al Mazrui as the Minister of Youth Affairs – The Peninsula

Shamma Al Mazrui has a Bachelor’s degree from New York University and a Master’s degree from Oxford University. Her current ministerial office makes her the President of the Youth Council and according to national reports, “she will represent the aspirations and affairs of the youth before the government”

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“Youth have hopes and dreams, issues and challenges; they are the reason why societies prosper or fail. They are our hope for the future. Our young country was built by the hands and achievements of youth. Youth is our strength and speed and is our treasure for the future.” – UAE Prime Minister

There is no better way to practically show that the voice of the young matter in the society. Among the four women who were appointed ministers, Shamma is the youngest.

This is surprising because first, she is a woman and a youthful one at that. Many 22-year-old’s in Africa cannot ever dream of such a position except a rare miracle happens in African polity. From every angle, this is a sign of inclusiveness, more so when there used to be reports of gender inequality in the UAE.

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While this idea of accommodating a youthful vibe in governance might raise variable of opinions, only time will unveil the potentials. Africans from time immemorial accord so much respect to the elderly, and uphold a general notion that the young ought to learn and look up to them. While there’s nothing wrong with that school of thought, there seem to be an accompanying misconception that almost delineates the opinion of the younger generation.

In any case, some day they will be the leaders and drivers of the nation. They cannot stay young forever, so it is rather thoughtful that they are given roles to perform for the nation. And whether they get it right or not, one thing is for sure, they are acquiring experiences that will give them a strong foundation when that inevitable time comes for them to fill in the leadership shoes.

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